Is This a Plumbing Tool or an Engine Repair Tool?

By: Talin Vartanian

The Bayco nightstick is an engine repair tool that offers light and strong magnetic power, so a mechanic can work hands-free. The nightstick can also rotate at various angles.

The ratchet extender is used quite often in engine compartments of motor vehicles. It can also be attached to an extension tool for a longer reach.

Not only can a needle scaler remove rust and paint off the outside of cars, it can also remove dirt and scales. This is also a great tool for removing build-up around the car engine.

The engine compartment of a vehicle is often filled with surrounding nuts that may have to be broken. This is where a nut splitter comes in, which can break almost any nut.

Sometimes a socket will become stuck or jammed on the head of a bolt. A mechanic will often use a locking extension bar to remove the jammed socket, which comes in various sizes.

Plumbers will often carry pocket-sized pipe cutters on them, which can easily cut through almost any kind of pipe. The pipe cutter can easily attach onto a pipe, and with a swift turn, the pipe will be cut.

The jaws of an adjustable pipe wrench are powerful and toothed, making it easy to grip onto almost any surface. The jaws can also be adjusted by the plumber.

A telescopic tube cutter is a handheld tool that can cut through thick pipes. It can also smooth out rough edges from a cut pipe with the built-in deburrer.

The fine flame of a blowlamp is perfect for soldering pipes together. It can also be used with a soldering pad to prevent damage to nearby surfaces.

Plumbers will always carry a pair of mole grips on them, which are used to adjust rounded bolts and nuts. It also has a strong grip, which is perfect for almost any surface.

Otherwise known as out-of-sight pliers, kiwi pliers are great for keeping the mechanic's hands out of danger. These also have a strong grip and a long reach.

Flexible sockets are great for installing new bolts in hard-to-reach places. Though they can be expensive, they are typically worth it and are used frequently by car mechanics.

Precision hooks and picks often come in a set of four, and are used to remove electrical connectors. The hooks at the end of each tool are great for "hooking" onto almost any kind of out-of-reach connector.

Spark plug pliers feature strong grips that are perfect for grasping spark plug boots. This will help to protect the wires from damage.

A floor jack is used to lift a car up so a mechanic can work freely underneath it. It can also be aided with arm adapter accessories.

Plumbers will often carry a pipe bender on them to bend a variety of pipes. It can also bend up to 22mm in pipe thickness.

One of the easiest and quickest ways to unclog a toilet is by using a plunger. In fact, you probably have one in your home already!

Plumbers will often use a spirit level to level out a surface. A magnetic spirit level is also a variation of this, which has strong magnetic power.

Allen keys are used to adjust ahex grub screws that hold shower heads in place. These also come in various sizes and lengths.

Plumbers will often carry a hacksaw with them to cut through stubborn objects, such as pipes and screws. The blade is also held together by dual grips for safety measures.

A digital torque adapter is used to safely adjust bolts and nuts by using torque. This tool also has a built-in screen and controls for ease of use.

It's easy to lose screws, nuts and bolts, which is where the magnetic belt clip comes in handy. The magnetized "pad" can hold together a variety of small metal objects.

Car mechanics will often disassemble various car engine components. They'll then use a carbide tip scriber to mark arrows or small notes on each part, so they know exactly where it goes.

The telescoping mirror and magnet set comes with mirrors and magnet heads so that a car mechanic can easily see various corners when working on a car engine. This is usually a 5-piece set.

Car mechanics will often combine a "crows foot" wrench with an extension bar to adjust a variety of nuts and bolts. These bolts are often in very cramped or hard-to-reach spots.

Plumbers will often use a pipe deburrer to smooth out rough edges from a cut pipe, for both safety and aesthetics. These are often small and handheld in size.

When plumbers solder pipes together, they'll often use a soldering pad in conjunction with a blowlamp. This allows for the work surface to be protected from the intense heat.

Drain rods look like a set of rods that can actually be hooked onto each other from each end. They can then be pushed into a drain to clear out the blockage.

A magnetic level is essentially a spirit level, but with strong magnetic power. It allows for this level to be held in place, like a fridge magnet.

Plumbers will often use a pressure tester for reading the pressure inside a pipe. A pressure test also has a dial at the end for an accurate reading.

Plumbers will often use an inspection camera to get a better look inside a pipe or a drain. The camera is also attached to a long cord.

Pipe freezer spray is often used by plumbers to freeze a variety of pipes. This will allow the plumber to work without worrying about the main water supply.

This tool looks like a long rod with a "T" attached at the end. It's used by plumbers to adjust under-sink fittings.

Plumbers will use a jigsaw to cut circles that can be used for pipes. This tool can also cut almost any kind of shape or pattern, depending on the kind of work at hand.

An angle grinder can cut through a variety of objects and surfaces, and can even be swapped out with different kinds of blades. Some of these include a diamond blade and a sanding disc.

Electrical circuits can be safely tested by using a cordless circuit tester. This is a handheld tool with a very sharp end.

A hose removal tool can easily remove heater hoses from a car. This tool also looks like a screwdriver with a curved and sharp end.

Wire cutters are mainly used by car mechanics to safely cut wires in a motor vehicle. These are often handheld and easy to grip.

Car mechanics will often use a voltmeter for potentially dangerous wire work. A voltmeter will give an accurate reading via the easy-to-use controls.

Car mechanics will often use a ball peen hammer to remove jammed car parts. This hammer also features a rounded "ball" on the end of it.

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About This Quiz

Tools are used by a variety of professions, including plumbers and car mechanics. Some tools are very versatile, while others aim to accomplish a specific job. In this quiz, we've compiled a list of 40 different types of tools. Some are used for plumbing work, while others are used for engine repair work.

Examples of engine repair tools include a needle scaler and a nut splitter. A nut splitter, for instance, is used to break nuts and bolts, while a needle scaler is used to strip away dust and rust from car parts. These are very different from plumbing tools, which includes pipe cutters, pipe benders and angle grinders. Let's take a closer look at some of these plumbing tools.

A pipe cutter is used to cut a variety of pipes in varying degrees of thickness. A plumber will also carry a pipe bender with them, which does exactly what its name implies: It bends pipes! An angle grinder is a more dangerous type of tool, but it's very useful for cutting a wide variety of hard objects. It even looks like a pizza cutter! This quiz is a list of 40 tool images, as well as a brief description of the tool. All you have to do is identify if it's a plumbing tool or an engine repair tool. Take this quiz now to see if you can score a 100%!

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