Quiz: Is This Player in the NFL, MLB, NBA or NHL?
Is This Player in the NFL, MLB, NBA or NHL?
By: Annette
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About This Quiz

You are the quintessential sports fan. You can't miss an NFL or NHL game in the winter, an NBA game in the fall or spring, or the boys of summer from March to the October classic. 

In fact, you watch so much sport that ESPN is your CNN, and you can't help but mix up games, shots, coaches and, yes, even the players. Lucky for you this quiz will only test your knowledge of players and the sport they play. 

It may seem easy enough, but can you honestly say your world of sports doesn't get jumbled throughout the year? This quiz is going to help you sort things out. To be fair, you don't need to know that Michael Jordan played minor league baseball in a stint as long as it takes to dunk a... But, you do have to know your players. 

Sure, there'll be some gimmes such as Aaron Rodgers and LeBron James, but what about Mookie Betts? Do you know who Kawhi Leonard is? Or, do you know if James Harden is more likely to belt a grand slam or slap a puck to the back of the net? Is Corey Seager going to grab a pick-six or take the game with a short jumper?

See how well you know your players and the sports they play!

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