Quiz: Is This Scientific Common Knowledge Fact True or False?
Is This Scientific Common Knowledge Fact True or False?
By: Zoe Samuel
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About This Quiz

There are certain things that everyone knows to be true. For example, the Earth is a flat disc at the center of the universe. All the stars and planets rotate around it. The whole planet is only 6,000 years old and it was created in seven days, and its climate is definitely stable and not at all affected by emissions of carbon dioxide. Humanity came into being fully formed and is not related to apes in any way. Then, there are facts like how organic food is always healthier, coffee stunts your growth, all fingerprints are totally unique, humans have five senses, ghosts are real and so on. 

Of course, all of these things are nonsense. Either they're completely disproven - the world is certainly much older than 6,000 years - or they are questionable at best. However, at some point or other, every single one of them was considered an unassailable fact that only a very silly or mad person would possibly contest. This is the genius of science. Science, like humans, is always evolving, and that means that what we know to be true one day always comes with the caveat that new evidence may prove us wrong - or at least, reveal the truth more precisely. Staying on top of the truth means always keeping up to date with what we know, and being open to the possibility that we may know more tomorrow, and that will mean changing our minds.

How much do you know about facts as they stand now? Let's find out!

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