Is Your Brain More Carpenter or Electrician?

Teresa McGlothlin

How do you flex your brain's muscles to keep it running at max performance?

When you are at work, what do you tend to daydream about?

Right-brained or left-brained? Which side of your brain do you use more?

Your refrigerator has decided to go on the fritz. What's your first thought?

Think of your brain like a command center. What is it telling you about your job future?

You are experiencing a power outage. How do you light up a room?

Your mouth doesn't always say what your brain thinks. Do you have a hard time holding back?

When you're with your friends, are you called a nerd or a genius more often?

Hmm ... your car won't start. How do you diagnose the problem?

Look inside your toolbox. Which of these tools do you use most often?

If you were going to remodel your home, where would you start?

Your toilet keeps running and it's costing you money. How do you make it stop?

When you were a kid, were you more into trucks or treehouses?

Your phone is frozen! How are you going to get it to work again?

When you are in a work meeting, do you find it hard to pay attention?

What might you do to beef up a home's security?

Do you have a ladder to go up on your roof and clean out your gutters?

There's a mouse in your house. How do you get it out?

If we looked in your junk drawer, what kind of tape would we find?

You're looking to buy a home. What is most important to you?

Are you as handy in the kitchen as you are around the house?

If you were updating your kitchen, would you add smart appliances?

When you hang a picture, how do you do it?

Think really hard. Which one of these things makes your brain hurt?

If you were the lead carpenter or electrician, how would you run your crew?

Out of these household tasks, which one is your least favorite?

If you could learn any new trade, what would it be?

You're going to sell a home. How would you improve it before you list it?

Being a carpenter can be a dirty job. Do you mind getting dirty at work?

Do you think your brain is better with words or with numbers?

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Image: Caiaimage/Martin Barraud / OJO+ / Getty Images

About This Quiz

Without the carpenters and electricians of the world, we would be sitting outside in the dark! Both jobs need a certain set of skills, and not everyone is cut out for either field. After we test your brain's ability to solve common problems and the way you think, we'll be able to tell you which way you lean. We'll also let you know if you should consider another type of job altogether.

You've probably heard about the concept of being left-brained or right-brained, but it can be applied in different ways. Once we measure your handy skills, your physical skills and the way you deal with everyday issues, it will be clear if you're more electrician-minded or carpenter-minded. All you have to do is use that thing between your ears and choose the response that sums you up best.

You might be an apprentice or you could be an independent contractor, but it's important to make sure you're working the right job. During this quiz, everything you tell us will point to one or the other. When you're done, you will certainly want to get up and fix something. 

Carpenter or electrician? Which one do your thoughts make you most like?

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