Quiz: Is Your Brain More Trucker or Farmer?
Is Your Brain More Trucker or Farmer?
By: Teresa McGlothlin
Image: Erik Isakson/Getty Images

About This Quiz

Without the farmers and truckers of the world, we would have to grow our own food and make our own supplies. Often some of the most overlooked occupations, both truckers and farmers lack the praise they deserve. After you finish this quiz, you'll know which one of these noble but important jobs your brain is most suited to work. 

While not everyone has the patience to live their life in traffic, some live for the open road. While some people would rather die than help a cow give birth, others love assisting the miracle of life. No matter how your brain operates, the way you answer our questions will let you know which career you should consider trying out. There's no worse way to spend your life than working a job you are not cut out to do, so save yourself the trouble! 

It's never too late to find yourself working in a rewarding field, and we think you'll find our answer to be just the thing you need to decide where you'll steer yourself next. Will you need to invest in overalls or driving gloves? Share the way your brain works, and we'll let you know which one it will be! 

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What is the biggest vehicle you've ever driven?

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Which farm animal would you most like to raise?

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Which of these things does your brain do best?

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What would be your trucker name on the CB radio?

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Which crop do you think is easiest to grow?

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What item might you get from a rest area's vending machine?

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Which U.S. state is more your brain's style?

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How would your passengers describe your driving?

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Which of your traits would make you a good trucker?

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Which of these brain foods would you eat more than the others?

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What is the best way to eat chicken?

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