Is Your Head in the Clouds or Are Your Feet on the Ground?

Brian Whitney

Are you ever late on bills?

Has someone you have dated every said you were irresponsible?

You just flunked out of college, what now?

You just won the lottery, what do you do first?

Have you ever gone without insurance?

You have an odd looking mole on your back, what do you do?

Does everything happen for a reason?

How are you described?

Do you worry about having enough money for retirement?

How often do you daydream?

Do you still make time in your day for play?

How often do you party on weeknights?

Would you do a job you hated if it paid well?

When you are unemployed you...

When was the last time you called in sick when you weren't?

You have a 20-page paper due in 6 weeks. When do you start it?

Have you ever not had a bank account?

Would you be happier with more material possesions?

Which type of book would you prefer?

Which movie would you watch?

Do you worry a lot about being taken advantage of?

Do you follow a tight budget?

You just met someone you are super attracted to, but it is late and you need to work tomorrow. What do you do?

Would you make, or are you a good parent?

Your friends are all going out, but if you go out you will spend the money that you need to pay rent, what do you do?

Are you prepared for a disaster event?

What do you bring on a hike?

When do you arrive for social events?

Tortoise or hare?

Is it better to burn out than fade away?

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About This Quiz

Do your friends wonder how you manage to dress yourself in the mornings, or are they in awe of all you accomplish in a day? In this life, you are either grounded or you live with your head in the clouds. This quiz will examine your ability to stay on track while measuring just how down to earth or up in the clouds you really are!

It will be easy for some of you to focus, but many of you might find yourself drifting off into a million directions. There's no pressure, and there's no time limit, so please take the quiz at the pace that feels most natural to you. The way you choose to respond will go a long way in letting us know just how much time you spend planning, or how much time you spend daydreaming. From there, we'll be able to measure how high your feet are off the ground. 

Whether you struggle with paying attention or you're able to sit through a whole class without having your mind wander off, this quiz will let you know exactly where you stand, float, or drift. Are you as grounded as you like to think you are? Let's find out!

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