Quiz: Is Your Heart a Fox, a Wolf or a Dog?
Is Your Heart a Fox, a Wolf or a Dog?
By: Emily Maggrett
Image: Michael Cummings / Moment / Getty IMages

About This Quiz

Who are you at heart? Do you have the cunning of a fox, the loyalty of a dog or the independence of a wolf? You might be surprised to find out that dogs, foxes and wolves all come from the same biological family, called Canidae. Jackals, coyotes and dingoes are also members of this carnivorous family, whose members are called canids. 

While in real life, canidae look and behave similarly to one another, humanity has endowed each species with a number of personality characteristics. Coyotes are seen as evil, while jackals are seen as malicious thieves. Foxes are described as bold yet sly, while dogs are universally loved for their devotion, bravery and eagerness to interact with humans. Wolves hold a different position from other canids, being depicted ambiguously as both noble and threatening.

Regardless of whether we've endowed them with positive or negative psychological characteristics, people remain fascinated by canids, writing short stories, novels, films and even symphonies about them, such as Prokofiev's "Peter and the Wolf." So if you were a canid, which one would you be? Do you have the heart and soul of an elusive fox, a lovable dog or a brave, stoic wolf? Play this quiz to find out!

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