Is Your Insecurity Holding You Back?

Brian Whitney

Do people you don't know make you uneasy in social situations?

Your friend told you that someone thinks you are hot, how does that make you feel?

If you work really hard, could you achieve anything?

You are meeting a friend at a bar, but she is ten minutes late. What do you do?

While you are waiting at the bar, someone attractive sits right next to you, how do you act?

Are you comfortable with your body?

Are you comfortable with a new partner sexually?

Do you like to go on random adventures?

Have you ever gone on a vacation solo?

Who are you at the party?

What were you like in high school?

Do you ever wish you were smarter?

Your boss is a jerk, what do you do?

Would you be happier if someone gave you a million dollars?

Do you dress or style your hair in a way that makes you stand out?

Do you ever wish you were better looking?

Would you win a show like "Survivor" or "Big Brother?"

Who are you in the pack?

How many selfies do you take a week?

Are you good at asking people out?

Would you rather spend a day in a house with five people of the opposite sex that you have never met or totally alone?

Have you ever been passed over for a promotion or not gotten a job because others are more assertive?

Have you ever accused your partner of cheating or thought he was cheating for no reason?

Did you apply to good colleges and universities?

Have you ever sung onstage in a band?

How often do you look in the mirror?

You just got off the train in New York City and have to go a mile to your hotel, how do you get there?

Your partner works with someone who is attractive, how does that make you feel?

You just texted your best friend twice, and she hasn't texted you back for four hours, how do you feel?

Your boyfriend says he needs to talk to you about something important, what do you think it is?

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About This Quiz

All of us are insecure in some way or another, but none of us want our inner fears to keep us from accomplishing our dreams. Is your insecurity keeping you from reaching your goals?

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