Is Your Personality More EMT or Nursing?

Teresa McGlothlin

Do you have a current CPR certification?

You see someone collapse at the mall - what do you do?

Would you prefer to wear scrubs or a uniform?

Where would you stash an extra first aid kit?

Which part of a hospital would you prefer to work in?

One of your patients is being difficult - how do you handle it?

Are you able to spend long hours on your feet?

Do you get queasy when you see someone throw up?

Why would you like to work in medicine?

How often do you wash your hands?

EMTs and nurses use a lot of math - how are your math skills?

Are you a good record keeper?

Would you have a problem working the overnight shift?

You've cut your finger while doing dishes - what is the first thing you do?

How would you relieve the stress that comes with your medical job?

What do you admire most about nurses?

Do you tend to think with your heart or with your head?

One of your coworkers is sick - how do you stay well?

Could you handle being a police officer?

Do you prefer to work indoors or outdoors?

Doctors are known for terrible handwriting - what is your handwriting like?

A friend goes into labor in your living room - what do you do?

Which of your traits do you think is best suited to be an EMT?

Are you able to take orders from a superior?

How would you keep yourself healthy for a nursing or an EMT job?

If your partner were sick, how would you care for them?

What kind of driver are you during rush hour?

Would you prefer to work with children, adults or the elderly?

You are the first on the scene of an auto accident - how do you react?

Would you have an interest in becoming a surgeon someday?

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Image: ER Productions Limited / DigitalVision / Getty Images Plus

About This Quiz

It takes a special kind of person to work in any medical field. From surgeons to nursing assistants, dealing with patient needs requires a certain disposition. During this quiz, we are going to try to figure out if you would make a better nurse or a better EMT based upon the kind of person you are. The way you handle yourself under the pressure of our questions will go a long way toward finding out. 

Because you're here, we are going to go ahead and assume that you have the stomach for things like bodily fluids, needles and patients who try your patience. With this in mind, we are going to dig as deeply as we can into the little parts of your personality that lend themselves to being either an EMT or a nurse. While both professions require a lot of training, it's the way you handle yourself that will tell which one is right for you. 

Reach for your scrubs or your gloves, and answer as quickly as you can. Both nurses and EMTs have to think on their feet, and seeing how your personality holds up will tell the tale of where you belong in the medical field. Will you ride in an ambulance or keep the hospital ward running?

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