Is Your Personality More Firefighter or Police Officer?

Brian Whitney

Do you have many good friends?

There is a cat stuck in a tree. What do you do?

What freaks you out most?

Do you tend to have a lot of bias toward people you don't know?

Do you like to take naps?

Do you like to get involved in arguments?

What would you like to drive?

How often do you lie?

Do you get off on getting adrenaline rushes?

What sounds most rewarding?

Can you handle office work?

Do you like to drive a lot?

What is your favorite movie?

Are you in good shape?

Do you like figuring out difficult problems?

What sounds most fun?

Do you like talking to strangers?

Do you enjoy watching people unnoticed?

What kind of facial hair do you like?

What kind of music do you listen to?

What is your relationship status?

Do you like sirens?

How many hours a day do you watch TV?

Where would you hang out?

Is danger your middle name?

Do you mind the heat?

Can you handle people insulting you?

How into boots are you?

Are you a good shot with a gun?

Do you mind working weekend nights?

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About This Quiz

Can you think of any other professions in the world, outside of the military, of course, that are more challenging and more important than being a firefighter or a police officer? Both of these jobs have a lot in common, and to do either you need to be brave, heroic and ready to put yourself in danger at a moment's notice. Both jobs also involve a lot of downtime, where you sit around and basically do nothing, but you still have to be prepared to face an emergency.

Maybe you would be wonderful at either job, or maybe you would rather not do either of them, but either way, there are certain aspects of your personality that would make you better at one job or the other. Would you rather be chilling out while pulling a speed trap on a quiet country road, or chilling out at the firehouse with the rest of the crew? Would you be more afraid of entering a 5-alarm fire to save the lives of a family, or negotiating the freedom of hostages who have been taken by armed criminals? Most importantly, would you feel sexier dressed as a cop or a fireman? Take this quiz and we'll tell you which your personality is most like. 

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