Quiz: Is Your Style More Markle or Middleton?
Is Your Style More Markle or Middleton?
By: Steven Miller
Image: Youtube

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The media tends to sensationalize the differences between Kate and Meghan, but they do have their own unique styles. While we can't speculate if Queen Elizabeth is happy with Harry's choice of a bride, it does seem that the public is fascinated with her. Although lots of people attempt to create click-bait articles about one controversy or another in the royal family, the two women actually seem to enjoy each other's company and to have many things in common with each other.

Let's say that you're someone who is athletic and isn't quite as comfortable in front of the cameras. In that case, Kate Middleton is likely going to be a better fit for you. If you prefer to stick to more classic and conservative fashion choices, then she is looking even more like your match.

Perhaps you're a bit edgier. If you're willing to push the envelope a bit with your style, but you prefer to keep things relatively low-key, Meghan Markle is likely to be a better fit. Additionally, if you're very comfortable in front of the cameras, this option is looking better and better for you.

On the other hand, if you're way out on the extremes of being either very conservative or very controversial with your style, you may be more like one or the other, but you won't truly be like either of them.

Are you the Duchess of Cambridge or the soon-to-be Duchess of Sussex? Let's find out.

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