Is Your Vocabulary Good Enough To Pass This Synonym Quiz?

By: Isadora Teich


To apprentice is a synonym for to learn. Others are master, grasp and study.


Woodland is a synonym for forest. Others include bosk, timberland and silva.


Devotion is one of love's many synonyms. Others include attachment, fervor, and amity.


Velvety is a synonym of smooth. Silky, creamy and sleek are other synonyms.


Shelter is a synonym of home. Others include dwelling, roost and domicile.


Blue is a color. Synonyms include indigo, azure and cerulean.


Seedtime is a synonym for the season spring. Others include springtide, blackberry winter and the vernal season.


Spouse is a synonym for wife. Others include bride, companion and partner.


Enigma is a synonym of mystery. Others include mindboggler, conundrum and secret.


Accord is a synonym of peace. Others include armistice, reconciliation and harmony.


Uninformed is a synonym of ignorant. Insensible, moronic and naive are other synonyms.


Howl is a synonym of scream. Other synonyms are screech, cry and wail.


Sizzling is a synonym of hot. Others are torrid, sultry and thermogenic.


Bronze is a synonym for brown. Others include ecru, tawny and chestnut.


Brainy is a synonym of intelligent. Other adjectives include smart, shrewd and wise.


Exotic is a synonym for foreign. Other synonyms are alien, offshore and extrinsic.


Board is a synonym of food. Others include comestible, grub and cuisine.


Quest is a synonym of journey. Others include adventure, expedition and odyssey.


Phantom is a synonym of ghost. A ghost is a spirit of the dead.


Inferno is a synonym of fire. Others include blaze, flames and conflagration.


Rich is an adjective meaning to have a lot of money. Wealthy, affluent and plush are synonyms.


The heavens is a synonym for the sky. Other synonyms include firmament and celestial sphere.


Towering is a synonym of tall. Others include giant, lofty and lanky.


Edge is a synonym of end. Others include boundary, cusp and limitation.


Contempt is a synonym of hatred. Others include rancor, abhorrence and animosity.


Loveliness is a synonym of beauty. Other synonyms include charm, allure and comeliness.


Honeyed is a synonym of sweet. Others include candied, syrupy and saccharine.


Newborn is a synonym for baby. Others are nursling, cherub or babe.


Famishment is a synonym for hunger. Others include appetite, ravenousness, and starvation.


Sea is a synonym for ocean. Other synonyms of ocean are brine, main and Davy Jones' Locker.


To play means to have fun. Synonyms include carouse, revel and make merry.


Insane is a synonym of crazy. Others include barmy, deranged and moonstruck.


Actuality is a synonym of reality. Matter, truth and materiality are other synonyms.


Fellow is a synonym for man. Guy, sir and son are other synonyms.


Crimson is a synonym for red. Carmine, cherry and vermillion are more synonyms.

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About This Quiz

Do you think that your English vocabulary skills are truly top notch? Due to the unique history of English and its roots in Greek, Latin, Germanic languages and more, many experts think that the English language might have more words than any other language. From common everyday slang to the kind of words you would only see on the SATs, there is so much more to English than meets the eye. The majority of English speakers only use a very small fraction of the language's many words. 

English is also one of the most used international languages, which means it has picked up and adopted many words from other languages, is spoken differently in dozens of countries, and is changing all the time. Any given adjective could potentially have dozens of synonyms. Sometimes, even the same word can change meaning over time, without anything else about it changing. A changing language can be a lot to keep up with, but any true vocabulary master knows just what to do. 

If you are a language lover who knows the many wacky and wonderful words of the English language like the back of your hand, put your brainpower to the ultimate test with this wordy quiz! 

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