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Isaac Asimov Quiz
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Isaac Asimov was a fantastically prolific writer who shaped many ideas about technology and morality. How much do you know about him? Take this quiz to find out.

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Asimov predicted that by the year 2014, robots would have what characteristics?
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True or false: Asimov reportedly coined the term "robotics."
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What was the name of Asimov's first published novel?
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What sort of business did Asimov's family open in Brooklyn?
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Where was Asimov born?
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Where did the Asimov family move when they immigrated to the U.S.?
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How many novels did Asimov publish before "I, Robot"?
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About how many books did Asimov have a hand in writing or editing?
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During World War II, in which branch of the U.S. military did Asimov serve?
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Asimov predicted that by the year 2014, humans would suffer greatly from what?
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Asimov gained tremendous fame and respect within writing circles with the publication of which story?
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Which fear affected Asimov throughout his life?
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Asimov once said he didn't think humans would make much headway into space until what happened?
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In 1948, Asimov earned his doctorate in what field of study?
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Asimov had a daily routine of starting writing at 7:30 a.m. and quitting at what time?
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Asimov served as a "science consultant" during the production of which film?
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Asimov predicted that what technology would help cars and similar vehicles hover above the ground?
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What event abruptly caused Asimov to switch from science fiction to mostly nonfiction writing?
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Which celebrity approached Asimov for help in creating a science-fiction movie musical?
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True or false: Asimov believed in God.
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Asimov wrote a detailed guide to which famous work?
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Which of the following names did Asimov use as a pseudonym for some of his books?
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Which editor loved Asimov's "The End of Eternity" and helped ensure that it was published?
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Asimov once said that if a doctor told him he only had six minutes to live, he'd do what?
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Asimov said that human dignity could NOT survive what?
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Fill in the blank: Asimov said that "violence is the last refuge of the ____."
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