Italian Food Name Game Quiz



pro-SHOOT-toe is how you should pronounce this Italian ham.


This seashell-shaped pasta is correctly pronounced kohn-KEE-lee-eh.


If you want to make sure you're getting gnocchi, you'd better be pronouncing it NYO-kee.


Cavatappi, a kind of corkscrew-shaped pasta, is correctly pronounced kah-vah-TAHP-pee.


ree-gah-TOH-nee is how you should say the name of this classic ridged and tube-shaped pasta.


If you're saying cal-TSO-nay, you're closest to pronouncing this dish properly.

Pasta e fagioli?

PAH-stah eh faj-YOH-lee is the proper pronunciation for this pasta and bean soup.


If you want to order farfelle (which is what you'd probably simply refer to as bow-tie pasta in the United States), this is how you should be pronouncing it: far-FAHL-leh.


Pronounce this often meat- or cheese-stuffed pasta tor-tell-LEE-nee.


Vermicelli means "little worms" and that's not exactly appetizing. But if you want long thin noodles in your pasta dish, you better be saying vehr-mee-CHEL-lee.

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About This Quiz

The pronunciation of Italian food names isn't as hard and fast as it is in other countries. From northern Italy stretching down to the southern reaches, food names slip through a whole slew of dialects that skew pronunciations along the way. That said, here are a few tests to see how well you'd pass at properly pronouncing the names of items common in Italy's cuisine.

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