Quiz: Italian Food Quiz
Italian Food Quiz
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Food has traditionally been a fundamental pillar of Italian social life. Infused with ancient accents adapted from the Romans, the Greeks and the Etruscans, modern Italian cooking is a national culinary pastime characterized by endless examples of unique local flair. How much do you know about the cuisine commonly served at Italian supper tables?

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What was the most influential crop incorporated into Italian cuisine after Columbus returned from the New World?
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When were tomatoes introduced to Italian cooking?
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What is a key factor that distinguishes Italian cooking from that of other counties?
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What's the most popular type of eatery in Italy?
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Which people are frequently credited with first delivering dried pasta as we know it today to the Italian countryside?
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How many pounds of pasta do Italians eat on average each year?
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How many different varieties of dried pasta are made in Italy?
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What is the primary ingredient of pesto?
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Which oil is most common in Italian cuisine?
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