Quiz: Jawohl! It is time to take the Hogan’s Heroes Trivia Quiz
Jawohl! It is time to take the Hogan’s Heroes Trivia Quiz
By: Monica Lee
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Don't be a Schultz. If you know something, take this quiz.

There's nothing funny about being a prisoner of war unless you are imprisoned in Luft Stalag 13. In fact, the camp is so popular, people are breaking in instead of breaking out. Well, not really, but the camp sure did have its share of visitors. The camp was fictitious, and so were most of the characters. Why most? Because some characters, including some major German generals, were real.

Even though the camp was fictitious, it was actually based on a real one, the Hammelburg POW camp in Bavaria. In this, real, camp, POWs and Germans sparred in much the same way as in the television show. Real life General Gunther von Goeckel, a reluctant commandant, was the inspiration for Colonel Klink, played by Werner Klemperer, and Colonel Paul Goode served as the real-life inspiration for Colonel Robert E. Hogan, played by Bob Crane. The real Stalag 13 was, and remains, a German training camp, that for a time during World War II, housed prisoners of war. And, yep, the real-life prisoners had a secret radio, just like the POWs in the show.

Ready to find out if you are a real Hogan's hero? Take this quiz.

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