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It chilled the blood of audiences everywhere and generated hysteria towards creatures of the sea. How much do you know about "Jaws?"

The movie "Jaws" was based on which other work of fiction?

The 1974 book was written by Peter Benchley.


In what year was "Jaws" released?

The book was an instant hit, quickly leading to a feature film adaptation.


The book "Jaws" was based on a 4,500-pound shark that was caught where?

The huge real fish inspired a lot of fictional terror.


What role did Peter Benchley play in the story's big-screen adaptation?

He personally helped turn his best-selling book into a suitable screenplay.


How long was one of the mechanical sharks used in the film?

The enormous prop was sometime controlled by underwater divers.


About how many of the movie's scenes were never mentioned in the book's story?

Spielberg did extensive tweaking to the story to maximize its terror.


The shark in the movie is which species?

The movie scarred some people for life, making them afraid to swim in the ocean.


Who directed "Jaws?"

Spielberg's light touch created an ominous tone of suspense that struck a chord with millions of people.


Why did Spielberg want lesser known actors for "Jaws"?

He figured that everyday people would be more terrified if they saw the on-screen horror happening to non-celebrity actors.


What line did Roy Schneider make up on his own during shooting?

It is arguably the most memorable line from the entire flick.


What is the name of Roy Scheider's character?

He plays the police chief named Martin Brody, who becomes central to the entire plot.


How many drafts of the screenplay did Peter Benchley write before handing over his duties to other writers?

By the time he was done, he was burned out on the story and wanted to be done with it.


Which actor was NOT considered for the part of Martin Brody?

But Bridges was considered for the marine biologist named Matt.


On how many screens did the film debut?

In the 1970s, this was considered a very large rollout for a film; the studio was banking on its success.


What did Steven Spielberg think of the movie's theme music the first time he heard it?

At first he thought composer John Williams was messing with him; later he realized the music was perfect.


Why did director Spielberg call the shark a "great white turd"?

Repeated breakdowns caused more stress and multiple delays.


When did the film's producers purchase the rights to make a movie out of the book?

They received advance copies of the book and immediately wanted to create a feature film.


Why did Spielberg decide to reduce the shark's onscreen appearances?

The shark was actually slated for more on-screen time; in the end, less turned out to be more.


How many "Jaws" sequels were made?

None of them came close to the sinister creepiness of the original.


The film crew did not harm any animals in the creation of "Jaws."

They killed a 13-foot shark in Florida and transported it to the set for the scene in which people gather on the docks to see the "monster" shark.


What was the original, planned budget for "Jaws?"

Even for 40 years ago, this was a lowly budget in Hollywood, making the payoff all the sweeter.


How much did "Jaws" wind up earning at the box office?

It was a fabulous success for the studio and made celebrities of the actors.


How did Robert Shaw inadvertently delay a scene in the movie?

He actually got permission first but was so intoxicated that he couldn't perform.


In what year was the movie chosen for preservation in the National Film Registry?

It is consistently ranked as one of the top 100 movies of all time.


How many prop sharks were built for the movie?

Dozens of special effects technicians built and maintained their (often balky) creations.


What was the film's final budget?

It more than doubled the original budget during shooting thanks to all sorts of unanticipated delays.


What's one reason the crew chose Massachusetts as a filming location?

It allowed them to shoot in shallow water even though the shore wasn't in sight of the cameras, making scenes seem as if there were in the middle of the ocean.


How much did Universal Pictures spend on advertising for "Jaws?"

For a film that was only supposed to cost $4 million total, the studio went all in on the advertising.


Where did the crew shoot footage of real sharks?

They even managed to capture a shark attack; Spielberg loved the footage.


How many Academy Awards did "Jaws" win?

It won for Best Original Dramatic Score, Best Sound and Best Film Editing.


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