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These engines have transformed transportation, warfare and fun. How much do you know about jet engines?

Jet engines are combustion engines that produce what?

The many pounds of thrust produced by a jet engine are what propels the aircraft forward.


Before jet engines, what type of engines were used to power aircraft?

The Wright Brothers used an aluminum piston engine in the first plane that they built.


What is the land-speed record for a jet-powered car?

The record was set by a car called the ThrustSSC back in 1997.


Jet engines are also sometimes referred to as what?

They are also called combustion turbine engines, and their invention heralded a fast and efficient mode of transportation


Which type of jet engine is often used to power helicopters?

Turboshaft engines apply power to a shaft, which can then be used to spin a helicopter's rotor.


What's the approximate maximum speed of a ramjet-propelled aircraft?

This kind of jet engine can't start from a dead stop, it must "ram" air into the engine, which works best at supersonic speeds.


The first jet engines were nearly simultaneously invented by Dr. Hans von Ohain and which other inventor?

The United States used Whittle's design for its first jet fighters in World War II.


By which decade were jet engines basically the standard type of propulsion for combat aircraft?

WWII sparked high-speed evolution in terms of jet aircraft as hostile countries researched ways to gain air superiority.


Jet engines are a type of reaction engine, meaning they rely heavily on which of Newton's laws of motion?

You will recall that the third law of motion stipulates that every action is met with an equal and opposite reaction.


Which country was the first to mass produce a jet-fighter plane?

It was the Messerschmitt Me 262, which downed hundreds of Allied targets during World War II.


What was the nickname for the Messerschmitt Me 262?

It was first produced with a piston engine but graduated to a jet engine in 1942.


What is a defining characteristic of a free-turbine engine?

This way, the turbines can spin at their optimum speed regardless of the engine's other fans.


The jet engine combustor combines air with what component?

The fuel and air mixture becomes ignitable, which then provides the tremendous thrust the engine needs to move the plane.


Which type of jet engine was the first to be produced for real-world use?

These are the earliest and simplest type of jet engines.


What do jet engines expel from their rear nozzles?

These gases have high speed or temperature that provides thrust to the machine.


In a jet engine, what is the purpose of a mixer?

It blends some of the ultra-hot exhaust gases with cooler air that bypasses the turbine in order to make the engine (a little) quieter.


Between which altitudes do turboprop engines generally generate their highest efficiency?

It's why some planes ascend to such high altitudes during cross-country flights.


What does an afterburner do?

Afterburners are common on military jets to provide more thrust, helping pilots to attack and evade; they also allow for faster takeoffs.


During takeoff, by what percentage can an afterburner increase thrust?

This boost can shorten the space needed for takeoffs … or just provide more fun for the pilot.


In a turboprop engine, what drives the spinning of the propeller?

The turbine is connected to the front-mounted propeller, spinning the prop to increase air intake.


Air flows through the engine at supersonic speeds in which type of engine technology?

These supersonic combusting ramjets feature supersonic airflow throughout the length of the engine, allowing for incredible speeds.


What is the biggest jet aircraft engine in the world?

During certification processes, this engine set a world record for thrust power.


How much thrust did the GE90-115B produce to break the world record?

And it did so for 60 hours, just to see how the engineers could push their creation.


What's the average unit cost for the GE90-115B?

Huge jet power does not come cheap; the engine can produce about 111,000 horsepower.


Which series of aircraft were the first supersonic fighter planes used widely in the United States Air Force?

Some of this series was still active in the force until the 1980s.


Most modern commercial airplanes use which type of jet engine?

The superior efficiency of these engines helps airlines maximize efficiency and save on fuel and overall flight expenses.


When the air-fuel mixture in a jet engine ignites, it can reach what temperature?

The very hot air and high pressure drives the turbine and provides the thrust necessary for high-speed flight.


The most powerful jet fighter engine in the world produces how much thrust?

It's the engine found on the F-35 Lightning II fighter, which can fly around 1,200 mph.


Why do turbofan engines route some air on the periphery of the main body of the engine?

This configuration also cools the engine and does provide a bit more thrust.


Which engine has been used for more fighter aircraft than any other?

More than 7,000 have been manufactured and millions of flight hours logged, making it both advanced and reliable.


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