Quiz: Test Your Knowledge: J.J. Abrams Quiz
Test Your Knowledge: J.J. Abrams Quiz
By: Staff
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Even before his directing work on "Star Wars: The Force Awakens," he was one of the busiest and most successful men in Hollywood. How much do you know about J.J. Abrams?

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With which film did Abrams make his directorial debut?
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Of all of Abrams films, which earned the most money at the box office?
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In what capacity did Abrams serve during his first Hollywood film?
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What year was J.J. Abrams born?
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Abrams did NOT receive acting credits for which show?
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In which state did Abrams grow up?
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For which project was Abrams NOT a producer?
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When he was a child, which Hollywood figure did Abrams most admire?
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What is the name of the production company that Abrams helped create in 1998?
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Which TV series did Abrams NOT help create?
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Why did Abrams give up his work on "Felicity" for "Alias?"
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How many Emmy Awards did Abrams receive for his work on "Lost?"
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Which film franchise did Abrams fall in love with first?
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Abrams was nominated for a "Razzie" for Worst Screenplay for which film?
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How many children does Abrams have?
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What movie did Abrams direct immediately following "Star Trek?"
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For television, in what capacity has Abrams most often worked?
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For which TV show did Abrams NOT serve as executive producer?
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Which person co-produced "Super 8" with Abrams?
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On how many episodes of "Westworld" did Abrams work as executive producer?
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Abrams frequently works with Michael Giacchino, who performs which role during film production?
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Abrams won the Saturn Award for Best Director for his work on which film?
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As of 2016, how many Academy Awards has Abrams won?
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What role did Abrams perform for the film "Taking Care of Business?"
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For which movie did Abrams win the Empire Award for Best Director?
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How many episodes of "Felicity" did Abrams direct?
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For which show did Abrams NOT play a role in the theme music composition?
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Abrams was a guest star on which show?
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Abrams was both writer and composer for which project?
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