The John F. Kennedy Quiz
by Staff

Every full-blooded American knows what JFK stands for. Do you? We're sure you do! This quiz is all about John F. Kennedy. Are you ready for Camelot?

JFK is perhaps one of the most controversial presidents America has ever had, yet he is also one of the most memorable and definitely one of the most intriguing, both professionally and personally. Coming from a long line of politicians in the Kennedy clan, JFK possessed the wit, charm and intelligence that a statesman ought to have. His decorum and charisma won many hearts in a nation divided by issues that had plagued its people in the past - issues that still persist to this day, long after the assassination of JFK. Are you familiar with some of these issues? This quiz definitely explores such details.

And speaking of John F. Kennedy, it wouldn't be a complete picture if we didn't mention his lovely partner in life, another intriguing figure in his career cut short. His other relatives and family members are mentioned here as well. Can you name some of them?

All in all, this quiz covers many of the most basic facts about the former president, from both his political and his personal life. It's a sure bet that you know most - if not all - of these facts and trivia tidbits about him. Give it a

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