The Ultimate Joint-Degree Admissions Quiz

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Why would a person opt for a joint-degree program instead of doing two degrees separately?

Doing a joint-degree program means being able to accomplish two degrees in less time.

How many degrees does a person receive for a joint-degree program?

A successful graduate gets two separate degrees.

Is a double major the same as a joint-degree program?

A double major earns you one degree in two subject areas, whereas a joint-degree program earns you two degrees.

What percentage of Duke Law School students do joint-degrees?

At least 25 percent of Duke students take joint-degrees.

How much can you expect to earn a year with multiple graduate degrees?

You can expect to earn at least $10,000 more a year than someone who has only a bachelor's degree.

What are the downsides of a joint-degree program?

Firstly, it may entail a heavier workload. Secondly, it may not allow as many electives.

What is the requisite that makes a joint-degree program possible?

A joint-degree program depends on a formal agreement between or within universities.

Can you pursue an MBA at a law school under a joint-degree program?

Yes, this is commonly accepted at many law schools.

What combination of study can one undertake at the University of Minnesota?

You can combine law with bioethics under a master's program.

If you want to do a joint-degree program abroad, how can this be done?

Many American schools have allowances for combining your studies between different institutions across different countries.

Which of these are interchangeable terms for a joint-degree program?

A joint-degree program is sometimes referred to as a dual degree program or combined curricula.

Why is it important to check carefully the admissions requirements for a joint-degree program?

Each institution has its own requirements and since you need to lodge two applications, it's important to know what they want.

Who can help you process your application to pursue a joint-degree program?

An adviser is often the best person to be able to help you process your application.

What might a university ask you to fill out when you apply for a dual degree program?

Chances are, the university will get you to fill out an individual study plan, to give them an indication of your level of seriousness and responsibility.

You're taking the plunge and applying for a joint program of study. Which of these are necessary qualities for making an undertaking of this sort?

You can manage without the languages and math, perhaps, but what you must have would be organizational abilities.

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