Josh's Ultimate Stuff You Should Know Quiz, Part III: The Trilogy Fulfilled

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Josh keeps coming up with questions about the Stuff You Should Know podcast, and he wants to test your knowledge with them. Hence, this quiz!

What is Chuck's player name, according to

Anyone listening to the "Three Gross Parasites" episode knows that Chuck's player name is Sugartastic Bryant Trump.


What Kevin Bacon movie came up in the "Earthquakes" episode?

"Tremors," arguably Kevin Bacon's greatest film, was mentioned during the "Earthquakes" episode. The quote Josh cites from the movie is largely bleeped due to content.


Chuck's middle name comes from the name of this famous guy:

In the "Brainwashing" episode, Chuck reveals his middle name was lifted by his parents from the legendary actor Marion "John" Wayne.


What's Josh's big problem with Buddhist monks?

In the "Lucid Dreaming" episode, Josh reveals that Buddhist monks get on his nerves because their often lifelong meditative sequestration in pursuit of nirvana offers nothing to humanity.


In the "Twinkies" episode, what does Chuck say is his favorite snack?

Chuck reveals his favorite snack is the Little Debbie Nutty Bars. Josh says his are Hostess Crumb Cakes. Mmmm. Crumb cakes.


What were Q-tips first called?

Q-tips were called "Baby Gays" until 1926, when the company added "Q-tip" to the name. All this comes up in the "Déjà Vu" episode, where this fact appears twice.


In what direction does rigor mortis take place?

In 1812, a French pediatrician named Pierre Nysten recorded his observation that rigor mortis follows a downward progression from top to bottom. It begins in the upper region of the body, around the face and head, and travels in a set pattern down to the rest of body and the extremities. This observation is known as Nysten's law.


What is the name of Chuck's pet goat?

In the "Why do humans have body hair?" episode Chuck mentions his pet goat's name is Nestor.


Where did Josh say he met Ronald McDonald?

In the "How do credit default swaps work?" episode, Josh says he met Ronald McDonald at his cousin's 15th birthday party. This is, of course, wholly untrue and a reference to "Da Ali G Show."


During their first live podcast, "How UFOs Work," to what did Josh chalk the lack of sightings in North Dakota?

During their "How UFOs Work" episode, recorded at SXSW in 2011, Josh said that people in North Dakota are too depressed to look up. Hence, the lack of UFO sightings in that state.


What characteristic of earthworms did Josh go back and add to the article he wrote on earthworms after recording the episode on them?

Thanks to Chuck pointing out its omission during the episode on them, Josh went back and added the fact that earthworms can move both backward and forward to his article.


What is Ragnarok?

Deranged millionaire and friend of the podcast John Hodgman mentioned Ragnarok at length during his four-episode guest stint at the end of October and beginning of November 2011. It's the end of the world, according to Norse legend that Hodgman has somehow confused with the restart of the Mayan calendar.


REM, Cheap Trick, Ted Nugent and what two other artists made an appearance in the "How McCarthyism Works" episode?

In the McCarthyism episode, Billy Joel and the Dixie Chicks round out the five artists that Josh and Chuck mentioned.


What is a ronin?

A ronin is a samurai who has lost his master, or simply a masterless samurai. In the "10 Big Cases of Revenge" episode, Josh mentions his nephew's middle name is Ronin and that he suspects his sister and brother-in-law don't know what the word means.


What was the first episode where Charles W. "Chuck" Bryant provided the intro?

Chuck gave the origin of the term "sidekick" as the intro for the "Pickpockets" episode. It's a pocket that's inside the vest, which is tough to get to, remember?


The surface area of your small intestine is equal to about what?

In the "How the Digestive System Works" episode, Josh and Chuck mention that splayed out, the small intestine could cover the surface area of a tennis court. The secret is all in the folds.


How many gasps did Josh and Chuck manage to get from the audience at the live podcast they recorded at SXSW in 2012?

During the recording of their second live podcast (the first being about UFOs in 2011), "How Comic Books Work," Chuck and Josh managed to get not one, not two, but three full gasps from the audience.


What is the name of the Donner family's dog, who was eaten before the ill-fated group resorted to cannibalism?

The Donner family's dog, Uno, was eaten by the eponymous party over the winter of 1846-1847. The dog's bones were discovered and analyzed by archaeologists in the late 2000s.


Chuck is in an old-man garage band. What is the name of Chuck's band?

El Cheapo is the name of Chuck's garage band. They even play gigs from time to time.


Bruce Lee's first feature film was released in Hong Kong as "The Big Boss." What was the title of its American release?

As mentioned in the "Exploitation Films" episode, "Fists of Fury" was the American title of Bruce Lee's first movie. He went on to make five total, then died young, opening the way for imitators to create the Bruce Lee exploitation subgenre.


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