Quiz: Kaboom: The World's Biggest Non-Nuclear Explosions
Kaboom: The World's Biggest Non-Nuclear Explosions
By: Nathan Chandler
Image: Wiki Commons

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Nuclear bombs are so powerful that they're virtually unfathomable. But there have been plenty of other mind-boggling blasts on Earth. How much do you know about the biggest non-nuclear explosions?

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Where did the Halifax explosion occur?
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How many people died due to the Halifax explosion?
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The Port Chicago explosion happened during which war era?
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How many people were killed due to the Port Chicago disaster?
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The 1769 Brescia explosion involved large amounts of gunpowder. How was the powder ignited?
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What was the Trinity explosion?
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Where did the Trinity bomb test take place?
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In what year did the Russian Tunguska Event occur?
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The Tunguska Event happened in an area with few humans, but it flattened trees for how many miles?
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The 1896 Braamfontein explosion created a blast so loud that people heard the blast at what distance from ground zero?
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How many homes were destroyed by the Braamfontein explosion?
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In 2011, mishandled ammunition caused the Evangelos Florakis Naval Base explosion. What was the intended destination for that ammo?
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What did the Evangelos Florakis Naval Base explosion damage?
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During World War I, how many mines did British engineers intentionally blow up on the first day of the Battle of the Somme?
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In the previous question, how big was the largest explosive charge set off by the British engineers?
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Which country developed the ill-fated N1 rocket, which crashed and exploded in 1969?
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What were British engineers attempting to destroy during the 1947 Heligoland explosion?
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What is the present status of Heligoland?
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Where did the 1956 Cali explosion take place?
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Where did the RAF Fauld explosion happen?
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The RAF Fauld explosion created a huge crater and also damaged what other structure?
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What explosion caused the so-called "Year Without a Summer"?
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Where was the FOAB (Father of All Bombs) developed?
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The 1947 Texas City explosion originated in which area?
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When they saw the ship from the previous question burning in the harbor, how did locals react?
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