Quiz: The Ultimate Keeping Your House Fresh Quiz
The Ultimate Keeping Your House Fresh Quiz
By: Staff
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About This Quiz

A delicious smelling house can enhance your emotional and physical well being. But air fresheners contain so many toxins, they can do more harm than good. Take our quiz and get some eco-friendly tips on how to eliminate odors and toxins from your house.

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How often should you spray home made air freshener around the house?
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When making a "pot of fragrance" on the stove, what should the ratio of herbs and water be?
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What can you include in your stovetop "pot of fragrance"?
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What can you use in a room that needs urgent freshening?
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What noxious chemical is commonly found in homes?
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How many house plants does NASA recommend keeping?
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Which of these plants does NASA recommend keeping in your house?
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