Quiz: The Ultimate Keeping Your Pet Healthy while Traveling Quiz
The Ultimate Keeping Your Pet Healthy while Traveling Quiz
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About This Quiz

Sometimes a family trip is just not the same without your pet. Take this quiz to learn more about how to keep your pet healthy while traveling.

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If you are taking a pet on a plane, you must present a health certificate for your pet to the airline. Within how many days of departure does the certificate need to have been issued?
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In which part of the plane do animals usually travel?
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What is a benefit of giving a pet a sedative before traveling on a plane?
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How should your animal be positioned while traveling in a car?
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How is heartworm transferred?
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In what season is the risk for catching tick-borne diseases the highest?
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How can you prevent your dog from catching Lyme disease?
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What are symptoms of Lyme disease?
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What is a side effect of the Lyme disease vaccine?
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What is a natural remedy that can protect against Lyme disease?
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How long does it take a tick to spread Lyme disease to your pet from the time it attaches itself to your pet?
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How should remove a tick if you find one?
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How can you check for pet food allergies?
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What is the most common source of allergies in dogs?
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Approximately how many dogs in the U.S. are believed to have allergies of some kind?
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How do pet allergies generally present themselves?
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Which of the following foods are pets often allergic to?
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What else may harm your pet's coat besides a dermatitis?
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What supplement do some holistic veterinarians recommend to nourish a pet's skin and coat?
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