Quiz: Kevin! How well do you know your Home Alone trivia?
Kevin! How well do you know your Home Alone trivia?
By: Dyann Joyce
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This 1990 movie has become a beloved classic. "Home Alone" is about an 8-year-old boy who uses a series of booby traps and carefully laid surprises to defend his home after being left behind. How much do you remember about the antics of Kevin and the Wet Bandits? Take our quiz and test your knowledge, "ya filthy animal!"

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In the foyer of the McCallisters' home, what is Harry Lime disguised as?
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After Kevin sees Santa in the store parking lot and wishes for his family back, what does Santa put into his hand?
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What did the pizza guy hit with his car when he pulled up to deliver $122.50 worth of pizza for the family?
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What do Kevin and Buzz fight about before the trip?
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Where is Uncle Frank from?
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How does Peter try to dry the tickets and passports that had gotten wet during Kevin and Buzz's scuffle?
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Who "just ate a whole load of mice guts," so would not need to be fed while the McCallisters were away?
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Who does Buzz describe to Kevin as the "South Bend Shovel Slayer" that in '58 killed his family with the shovel he had in his hand and kept his victims in sidewalk salt?
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When Heather counts the family before going to the airport, what is the headcount she reports to Kate?
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What do the crooks, Harry and Marv, see Kevin doing, to know he is home alone?
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How old is Kevin when he is left alone?
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Who plays Gus Polinski, the polka-playing nice guy that gives Kate a ride home?
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What is the response from Kevin when the crooks first attempt entry by asking him to "be a good little fella now, and open the door"?
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Which country has declared "Home Alone" as a national holiday movie and national Christmas tradition?
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What painting inspired the poster for Macaulay Culkin screaming?
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What city was "Home Alone" shot in?
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What does Marv encounter when he steps through the window?
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Who was the first person Kevin played the recording, “Keep the change, ya filthy animal,” to?
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What movie does Kevin pull his threatening recordings from?
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What king is rumored to be in the crowd at the hotel desk?
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What item does Kevin take into the other room from Buzz's stash?
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What did the actor playing Marv wear to protect his feet during the booby traps?
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