Quiz: The Ultimate Kids Bathroom Decorating Quiz
The Ultimate Kids Bathroom Decorating Quiz
By: Staff
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About This Quiz

Decorating a child's bathroom is an adventure in care and creativity. Take this quiz and find out how you can turn a utilitarian space into a utopian place.

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In a kid's bathroom, what kind of paint should you choose?
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What is the most important characteristic of a bath rug in a kid's bathroom?
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How should you install a grab bar in a bath or shower?
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What item can you use to make a safe and novel hook?
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On wall tiles, which of the following is not a recommended feature for a stick-on accent?
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What kind of paint should you use to stencil onto wall tile?
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In a child-size bathroom suite, why should all the fixtures have conventionally sized plumbing?
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What is the advantage of using tempered glass over regular glass in the bathroom?
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How much space should you leave for doors or cabinet drawers to open freely?
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Which of the following is a good element to have in a bathroom?
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If you are planning to use natural stone or hardwood in the bathroom, what should you do first?
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What is the best type of wood to use in the bathroom?
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In terms of the environment, what are VOCs?
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