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The area where you make your meals is a magnet for germs of all kinds. How much do you know about kitchen viruses and bacteria?

Most people show what symptoms after being infected with Toxoplasma gondii?

Healthy adults don't usually exhibit symptoms, but toxoplasmosis can harm unborn children.


Toxoplasmosis infection is often blamed on what?

Cat litter boxes often get all of the press, but this parasite is also found on contaminated fruits and vegetables.


How many Americans are sickened by salmonella each year?

About 1 million get sick and 400 may die.


True or False: Escherichia coli 0157:H7 is a virus.

This bacteria, often called E. coli, can be one of the most harmful found in the kitchen.


Escherichia coli 0157:H7 is usually found in what food product?

More specifically, it's most often found in undercooked hamburger, which is why your burgers should be thoroughly cooked before you chow down.


You should cook all poultry items until they reach what minimum internal temperature?

165 degrees Fahreneheit will kill most of the bacteria that can harm humans.


What is typically the germiest area of a kitchen?

The sink, with its room temperature and moisture, grows more bacteria that just about any place in the home.


True or False: Foodborne illnesses caused by bacteria are most common in summer.

Warm, wet weather and outdoor activities contribute to the growth and spread of bacteria that cause many foodborne illnesses.


What is one of the primary symptoms of a Shigella infection?

Shigella can cause dysentery; the spread of this bacteria can be combated by consistent handwashing.


How many deaths per year are caused by Shigella?

At the very least, Shigella causes tens of thousands of deaths worldwide, particularly in young people in South Asia and Africa.


How many Vibrio bacteria species can cause vibriosis in humans?

Most Vibrio infections occur during the warmer months, when the bacteria thrives.


Home-canned foods are sometimes linked to which pathogen?

Home-canned foods, particularly those with low acid content, are more likely to produce botulism, which can cause paralysis and respiratory failure.


What shape are Campylobacter bacteria?

They are spiral-shaped, and in cases of serious infection, they can slip into the bloodstream and cause fatal reactions.


True or False: If your foods are contaminated with salmonella bacteria, there will usually be an "off" smell to warn you.

Often, foods that smell just fine are loaded with this potentially harmful bacteria.


How long does it take for symptoms of salmonellosis to appear?

It usually takes about 12 to 72 hours for symptoms to arise, and they may include horrible diarrhea, vomiting and fever.


What kinds of food are most frequently contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes?

Soft cheeses, such as feta and brie, are the most commonly affected; pregnant women should avoid such foods.


According to one study, there are about how many bacteria on a used kitchen sponge?

With maybe 10 million bacteria per square inch, there's a reason you should never use a sponge as a sole cleaning mechanism.


What's an effective way to disinfect your kitchen sponge?

If you wet a sponge and then nuke it for a minute or so, the microwaves will kill many of the bacteria.


About how many Americans die each year after consuming eggs contaminated with salmonella?

Only about 30 die, but nearly 150,000 are sickened and left with a reminder of why careful kitchen hygiene is so important.


Which bacteria can cause Guillain-Barre syndrome?

Campylobacter causes roughly a third of GBS cases; the disease can cause paralysis and may take years of recovery.


Campylobacter infections most often result from contact with what sort of product?

Raw or under-cooked poultry is the most common source, but produce and dairy may also contribute to the spread of this bacteria.


Rotaviruses typically affect only which part of the population?

Rotaviruses love fecal matter, which is found frequently on unwashed foods; it affects mostly young kids, who subsequently develop diarrhea.


In the U.S., norovirus may be the cause of what percentage of infectious diarrhea?

Fifty percent of infectious diarrhea cases are caused by norovirus; norovirus kills hundreds of thousands of people around the world each year.


How has the United Kingdom managed to drastically drop instances of salmonellosis within its borders?

Chickens must be vaccinated against the bacteria, a fact that has caused substantial drops in cases of salmonellosis.


Outbreaks of Vibrio vulnificus typically occur in which part of the United States?

The bacteria lives in warm seawater (like the Gulf of Mexico) and can contaminate seafood, especially raw oysters.


True or False: There are more bacteria on your kitchen cutting board than the toilet seat.

Too many people simply rinse their cutting boards instead of properly washing them, leading to large populations of bacteria that can spread throughout the kitchen.


When the temperature is 90 degrees Fahrenheit, for how long can you leave foods unrefrigerated?

If it is 90 degrees, you should probably not consume perishable food items that have been left out for more than an hour; the bacteria will quickly flourish.


When are rotavirus outbreaks most common?

Cold weather helps rotaviruses to spread; noroviruses, on the other hand, are common year-round.


True or False: Plastic cutting boards are more hygienic than wooden cutting boards.

Knife gouges in plastic boards can be deeper (and collect more germs) than many wooden cutting boards; no matter what type of board you using, thorough cleaning is vital.


How can you keep your wooden cutting board safer from bacteria and viruses?

Once it is dry and clean, a thin layer of mineral oil can help prevent germs from making their home in the grooves of your cutting board.


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