Quiz: How well do you know the world's countries?
How well do you know the world's countries?
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Grab those maps and head to the friendly skies. While you might think your geography skills are up to par, there's a chance that it's localized to your region. Right now, you're going to have to step out of your city, state, and country to take a trip around the world. Rather than traveling around the world in 80 days, we're hitting up some of the world's countries in 30 questions. Can you prove how well you know them?

The world is made up of many things. While you have your oceans, much of the attention is largely focused on the seven continents. While Antarctica isn't considered a place that can be used as a long-term habitat, the other six continents are home to the world's 197 countries. How well do you know them? 

Pyeongchang might've been the location of the most recent Olympic Winter Games, but Pyeongyang is the capital of which Asian country? To visit the ancient Incan civilization of Machu Picchu, you'd have to travel to which country? The United Kingdom is made up of which nations? Throughout the almost 200 nations in the world, there are thousands, if not millions of facts floating around about all of them. Do you know the world's countries enough to pass this quiz? Put your geography knowledge to the test!

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