Quiz: Kylie Cosmetics vs. Fenty Beauty: Which One Are You?
Kylie Cosmetics vs. Fenty Beauty: Which One Are You?
By: Teresa M.
Image: YouTube

About This Quiz

With so many celebrity cosmetic lines out there, it can be challenging to wade through the aisle and make a solid decision. Good thing for you, we're not asking you to decide on a lip gloss or on an eyeliner brand like Kat Von D. We want to figure out if you are more Kylie Cosmetics or Fenty Beauty! To know for sure, we'll need to get to know you as well as your sisters, brother, or mother! 

Throughout our Kylie Cosmetics vs. Fenty Beauty quiz, we are going to ask you some tough questions about yourself. Don't worry; they are far less tough than getting your first bikini wax of the season! We need to get to know the honest version of yourself, your lifestyle, and your beauty routine. Sharing the way you live your life and your personality with us will help to determine, once and for all, if you are more Kylie or more Rihanna when it comes to beauty! 

Pour yourself a nice glass of Moscato, or whiskey if that's your thing! Once we feel right about knowing you, we'll be able to give you the fairest assessment and put the argument to bed in your head. Are you more Kylie Cosmetics or Fenty Beauty? We're betting you'll sleep better tonight once you know!

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