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"L.A. Confidential" celebrates old Hollywood film noir by diving right into the city's seedy underbelly. See how much you remember about the people and places behind the film with our quiz!

What year did "L.A. Confidential" hit theaters?

Set in 1950s Los Angeles, the neo-noir thriller hit theaters in 1997.


What publication does Sid Hudgens serve as editor of?

Sid Hudgens, played by Danny DeVito, is editor of the gossip rag Hush-Hush.


What gangster has recently been nabbed for tax evasion?

In the film, mob boss Mickey Cohen has just been arrested and sent to prison, leaving control of the L.A. gang scene up for grabs.


Where does Bud meet Lynn Bracken for the first time?

Bud meets the beautiful Lynn at a liquor store while picking up booze for the precinct holiday party.


Whom does Sid tip off to spur the movie premiere pot bust?

Sid pays Vincennes $100 for an exclusive on the movie premiere pot bust.


Who gets the blame for the brawl that the L.A. Times dubs "Bloody Christmas"?

Dick Stensland is made a scapegoat for the brawl and ends up kicked off the force.


Where does a bloody shootout take place on Exley's first night in homicide?

Disgraced ex-cop Stensland and five others are killed at the Nite Owl on Exley's first night with the homicide unit.


What is the Fleur-de-Lis?

The Fleur-de-Lis is a prostitution ring where the women are made up to resemble famous Hollywood starlets.


What star does Lynn resemble?

Lynn is the Veronica Lake of the Fleur-de-Lis, while Susan Lefferts is the Rita Hayworth of the group.


Which of the three cops featured in the film serves as a technical advisor on a "Dragnet"-style TV show?

Jack Vincennes provides technical advice on the show "Badge of Honor."


Which of the three cops begins a relationship with Lynn early in the film?

The tough officer Bud White takes up with Lynn after meeting her at the liquor store at the start of the film.


Whose body is hidden under Susan Lefferts' mom's house?

White discovers the body of Buzz Meeks, chauffer to Pierce Patchett, during a visit to speak with Susan's mother.


Who comes up with the name Rollo Tomasi?

Exley uses the made-up name Rollo Tomasi to refer to the mystery mugger who killed his father.


Who kills Detective Jack Vincennes?

Corrupt Los Angeles Police Department Capt. Smith shoots Vincennes after the detective learns of his involvement with Stensland and Meeks.


How does Pierce Patchett die?

Fleur-de-Lis head Patchett dies after his wrists are slit in a fake suicide attempt.


Who gets the girl and ends up on Lynn's arm at the end of the film?

Tough cop Bud White moves to Bisbee, Arizona, with Lynn at the film's conclusion.


What actor plays narcotics Detective Jack Vincennes?

Kevin Spacey stars as Vincennes in "L.A. Confidential."


Who takes on the role of by-the-book Sgt. Edmund Exley?

Hollywood newcomer Guy Pearce climbs the ranks of the LAPD as Edmund Exley.


What actor plays tough cop Bud White, who isn't afraid to break the rules to keep his city safe?

Mel Gibson plays White, who uses his fists to keep Hollywood free of crime.


Who plays femme fatale Lynn Bracken in the flick?

Kim Basinger stars as the Veronica Lake look-alike, Lynn Bracken.


How many Oscars did "L.A. Confidential" win?

The film picked up two Academy Awards: best supporting actress for Kim Basinger and best screenplay.


What film stopped "L.A. Confidential" from picking up more awards at the 1998 Oscars?

Despite earning seven Oscar nominations, even "L.A. Confidential" couldn't stop "Titanic," which dominated the ceremony in 1998.


True or false: Kevin Spacey based his portrayal of Jack Vincennes on James Dean.

The uber-cool Dean inspired Spacey as he played the spotlight-seeking Vincennes.


True or false: "L.A. Confidential" was a flop, earning less than it cost to make.

The film made $126 million at the box office on a modest $35 million budget. In addition to its financial success, it was also a hit with the critics.


True or false: The film was inspired by a 1990 crime novel.

"L.A. Confidential" was inspired by a 1990 novel by James Ellroy. Fans eager for more will be excited to learn that it was actually the third in a four-part series.


True or false: There was a failed "L.A. Confidential" TV series in 2003.

Kiefer Sutherland starred as Vincennes in a 2003 pilot. Despite the movie's success, the pilot was never picked up.


True or false: The "Bloody Christmas" scene at the police precinct was based on a real event.

In 1951, LAPD officers were involved in a bloody beating at the L.A. Central Jail, which inspired a similar scene in the film.


True or false: Two of the three lead actors in this American film were actually Australian.

The actors playing Edmund Exley and Bud White were both Australian and required plenty of practice to hone an American accent before the film.


True or false: The Rollo Tomasi character was created just for the film.

Rollo Tomasi, who turns out to be Capt. Dudley Smith, is never mentioned in the book.


How long did the screenwriters spend drafting the manuscript for "L.A. Confidential"?

Writers Curtis Hanson and Brian Helgeland spent two years perfecting the final screenplay.


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