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Laika uses stop-motion techniques to create an animation style like none other. Take our quiz to test your knowledge of Laika's most famous films.

Which Laika movie is based on a book by Neil Gaiman?

Neil Gaiman, author of "The Graveyard Book," also penned the book that inspired the Laika film "Coraline."


What body part is different on people in the Other World in "Coraline"?

In the Other World, everyone has buttons for eyes.


What does Coraline have to do to stay in the Other World?

If Coraline wishes to stay in the Other World, she must replace her eyes with buttons.


Where are Coraline's real parents while she is in the Other World?

The Other Mother traps Coraline's parents in a snow globe in the 2009 flick.


Who helps Coraline destroy the key and free herself from the Other Mother?

Coraline's friend, Wybie, rescues her from the severed hand of the Other Mother.


Who voiced the title character in "Coraline"?

Dakota Fanning loaned her voice to Coraline in the film.


What is Norman's special talent in "ParaNorman"?

Eleven-year-old Norman Babcock speaks with the dead in the 2012 Laika movie.


What is the name of Norman's best friend in the film?

The overweight Neil is often bullied, like Norman, and the two become fast friends.


Who voices Mr. Prenderghast in the film?

John Goodman voices Mr. Prenderghast, Norman's estranged uncle who warns Norman of his responsibilities to the town.


What does Norman need to save the town?

Norman must track down a book to complete a ritual and save the town.


What happens when Norman fails to complete the ritual in time?

When Norman is prevented from completing the ritual in time, he raises a mob of zombies, who are actually the long-dead town council members.


What is the name of the "witch" who poses a threat to the town in "ParaNorman"?

Agatha Prenderghast was a medium, like Norman, who was killed by the townspeople who thought she was a witch.


What band provided the music for "Moongirl"?

They Might be Giants created the score for the 2005 short film "Moongirl."


What is Leon doing in "Moongirl" when the moon goes dark?

Leon is night fishing when the moon goes black, and he must help Moongirl restore its brightness.


What Laika movie is based on the book "Here Be Monsters"?

Laika optioned Alan Snow's impeccably illustrated 2005 novel "Here Be Monsters" for the 2014 film "The Boxtrolls."


What is the name of the young boy in "The Boxtrolls"?

Eggs is a human child cared for by a troll named Fish in the film.


Who strikes a deal with the city council to exterminate the trolls in "The Boxtrolls"?

The evil Archibald Snatcher makes a deal that he will exterminate the trolls in exchange for membership in the Society of White Hats.


What is the favorite food of the people in "The Boxtrolls"?

The people of the town of Cheesebridge are wild about cheese — even Snatcher, who happens to be allergic to it.


True or false: The Boxtrolls are so-named because they build houses out of boxes.

The trolls got their name from their clothing, which consists entirely of cardboard boxes.


True or false: Eggs is actually the Trubshaw baby.

While humans blame the Boxtrolls for killing the Trubshaw baby, they are actually caring for Eggs as one of their own.


What year was "Corpse Bride" released?

The stop-motion Tim Burton film was released in 2005.


Who played the main character Victor in "Corpse Bride"?

Johnny Depp starred as Victor Van Dort, the hapless groom at the heart of the action in "Corpse Bride."


What is the name of Victor's arranged bride in "Corpse Bride"?

Emily Watson stars as Victoria Everglot, who is set to marry Victor and eventually falls in love with him.


What does Victor do that gets him betrothed to Emily?

After he places his ring on a tree stump, Victor becomes engaged to Emily, played by Helena Bonham Carter.


What is the name of Victor's dead dog in "Corpse Bride"?

As a wedding present, Emily reunites Victor with Scraps, his long-dead dog.


How does Lord Barkis die in "Corpse Bride"?

Set to marry Victoria against her will, Barkis dies after accidentally drinking poison.


Whom does Victor marry at the end of the film?

Victor marries Victoria after Emily sets him free and moves on into the underworld.


What will Kubo lose if he stays out after dark in "Kubo and the Two Strings"?

Kubo's mother warns him that if he stays out too late, his aunts and grandmother will come remove his eye.


What creature accompanies Kubo on his journey?

A wooden monkey charm accompanies Kubo as he travels to find his father's magic armor.


What creature represents Kubo's father in the film?

Kubo slowly discovers that the beetle he has been traveling with is actually his long-lost father.


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