Quiz: The Ultimate Las Vegas Quiz
The Ultimate Las Vegas Quiz
By: Staff
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There's something compelling about Las Vegas, the city dubbed the "Entertainment Capital of the World." Once a small watering hole, it's now a jewel amid an arid desert. Take our quiz and find out more about Las Vegas, from its history to its climate to its main attractions.

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In what year was the city of Las Vegas founded?
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Who opened the first hotel in Las Vegas?
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How many people visited Las Vegas in 2005?
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How long is the Las Vegas Strip?
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How many feet high does the XScream Thrill ride rise?
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Which of these celebrity chefs has a restaurant in Las Vegas?
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How many people live in Las Vegas?
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On average, how many days a year are sunny in Las Vegas?
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During what months are flash floods common?
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From the airport, how much could you expect to pay a taxi to get to the Stratosphere Hotel?
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What is the best way to get into the city from the airport?
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How much does the monorail cost?
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At which hotel is Tutankhamen's tomb and museum located?
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How many gallons is the salt water aquarium at the Silverton Hotel?
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Where is the best place to stand to view the erupting volcano at the Mirage hotel?
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Which hotel was featured at the end of Oceans Eleven?
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What creature would you be surprised to find at the Wildlife Habitat?
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