Quiz: The Laundromat Etiquette Quiz
The Laundromat Etiquette Quiz
By: Staff
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About This Quiz

A little pre-planning (and pre-treating?) can make a big difference on laundry day. Find out if you're practicing proper courtesy at the public laundromat.

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Is it OK to leave your laundry unattended while you run a few errands?
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Which of these should you do before you leave home with your laundry?
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What should you add to the wash cycle if your towels smell mildewy?
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True or false: Adding a dry towel with your wet clothes will reduce drying time.
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If the washing machine doesn't have a bleach dispenser, what should you do?
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When should you add liquid fabric softener to the load?
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Which water temperature is best for whites and lights?
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Where is the world's largest laundromat located?
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Which material shouldn't be dried in a laundromat dryer?
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What's the last thing you should add when you're using a top-loading washing machine?
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What causes towels to lose their absorbency?
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Which of the following should you do before adding your clothes to the washer?
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True or false: Once you've run a load in the dryer, your next load will dry faster.
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How should you carry your laundry basket, to minimize the strain on your back?
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You need a washing machine, but the only one not spinning has wet clothing in it. Do you take them out?
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How full should the washing machine be for a large load?
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Which is one of the biggest sins of shared laundry-room etiquette?
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You didn't notice a stranger's red sock in the washing machine, and now your whites are all pink. What should you do?
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Which should you bring from home if you're following the rules of the laundromat?
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True or false: Using too much laundry detergent can leave soapy residue on your clothes.
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How long does a typical wash take at the laundromat?
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What was the name of the national laundry chain that featured beer and TV while your laundry spun in the '80s?
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How should you signal the machine you were using is now available?
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