Quiz: The Ultimate LeBron James Quiz
The Ultimate LeBron James Quiz
By: Staff
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About This Quiz

LeBron James is one of the best players ever to grace an NBA court. How much do you know about him? Find out by taking this quiz.

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In which state did James play high school basketball?
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Which NBA team first drafted James?
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James left the Cleveland Cavaliers to play for which team in 2010?
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How many points did James score in his first NBA game?
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How old was James' mother when she gave birth to him?
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What is James' middle name?
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In which year of high school was James on the cover of Sports Illustrated?
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To which team did the James-led Cavaliers lose during the 2015 NBA Finals?
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Which NBA team did James cheer for as a kid?
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James' national popularity plummeted after which incident?
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As a high school junior, how many points per game did James average?
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Coming out of high school, how much was James' contract with Nike worth?
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Besides basketball, what other sport did James play during high school?
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In order to cope with constant media scrutiny as a high-school student, James admitted to what?
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James won season MVP, NBA Finals MVP and an Olympic gold medal in the same year. Which other player did the same?
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What is James' favorite cartoon?
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The media gave James what title in the hopes that he would revive interest in a declining NBA?
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James is one of only two players to obtain two NBA MVP awards by age 25. Who is the other player?
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James' scores peaked in his third NBA season. How many points did he score during this time?
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James didn't attend college, but he has said he would have liked to go to which university?
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What affliction caused James to miss much of a fourth-quarter NBA Finals game versus the San Antonio Spurs?
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In which grade did James first dunk a basketball?
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What is the most points James has scored in a single game?
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How many points did James average duping the 2004 Olympics?
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How many points did James average during the 2015 NBA Finals versus the Golden State Warriors?
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James was league MVP when he left Cleveland for Miami. How many other reigning MVPs have left their teams?
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What is one of the most unimpressive aspects of James' basketball skills?
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