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Join us as we navigate white waters, slog through rainy winters, trudge over mountains, see the Pacific — and then do it all over again on the way back. Take this quiz to test how well you know Lewis, Clark and the whole crew.

Let's get some basics down first. Who was president of the United States during the Lewis and Clark expedition?

It was Jefferson who wanted to explore and expand into the West.


What is Lewis' first name?

Meriwether's a really terrific name.


What was Clark's first name?

It's William Clark. Seems basic, but it's easy to forget they have first names.


Let's talk a little about Lewis first. Where did he primarily spend his time before the expedition?

Lewis spent most of his life in Virginia.


After several years of military service, Lewis served as what?

Lewis took the post of Jefferson's secretary in 1801.


Clark also served in the military, but where did he call home before the expedition?

While Clark was born in Virginia, he spent a lot of his early years in Kentucky.


How much did Thomas Jefferson ask Congress for when trying to fund the Lewis and Clark expedition?

Two thousand five hundred dollars isn't a huge sum, even for the time.


Jefferson asked Lewis to head the expedition. Who asked Clark to join him?

Lewis knew Clark from their military days, and they remained friends.


Lewis asked for Clark to be made a captain on the expedition, but he was denied. What happened?

The crew didn't know Clark was technically reporting to Lewis.


Where did the expedition leave from?

The crew left from Missouri in 1804.


What was a nickname for the expedition?

Its nickname was "Corps of Discovery." Although they might have referred to themselves as friendship hikers, too.


How many people made up the "permanent" company?

While there were folks that joined for parts of the trip, 33 people made the journey from North Dakota to the Pacific and back.


What was the name of the dog that came with them?

Lewis' Newfoundland, Seaman, made the whole trip.


How long was the expedition?

The 8,000-mile journey was no small walk in the woods.


How long did the whole expedition take, from St. Louis to the Pacific and back again?

It took two years, four months and 10 days for the round trip from Missouri.


Which captain recorded new botanical and wildlife discoveries?

Lewis was charged with collecting and recording the new flora and fauna that the corps came across.


Clark was largely responsible for …

Clark mapped the trip.


Lewis and Clark also brought along …

York (who has only been referred to with one name in journals of the time) was Clark's slave from childhood.


How many people from the company died on the journey?

While venereal diseases, insect-borne illnesses and dysentery were epidemic on the trip, only one man died of a suspected burst appendix.


Where did the company spend the 1804-05 winter?

The company camped at Fort Mandan, North Dakota.


Who joined the party at Fort Mandan?

Sacagawea spoke the Shoshone language, so they agreed to take her along with her French Canadian fur trapper husband.


Sacagawea gave birth in February, and the crew departed in …

The crew departed in April. That is a no-joke working mom.


The baby was named Jean Baptiste, but he acquired what nickname?

Clark really took a shine to the kiddo and called him Pomp to tease his "little dancing boy" activities.


Sacagawea was useful not just for her language skills, but she also helped …

Because she was familiar with the area, she could give pointers about the company's locations.


The company was lucky to be helped by several Native American guides. Old Toby was a Shoshone who guided them …

The difficult mountains would have been nearly impossible to pass without a guide who knew where to take them.


What river finally took the expedition to the Pacific Ocean?

The Clearwater and Snake rivers led them to the mighty Columbia, which took them to the Pacific.


On seeing the ocean, what did Clark write in his journal?

He wrote, "O! The joy!" They made it to the Pacific in November, which is not the most pleasant time in the Pacific Northwest.


The crew voted on where to spend the winter. Who did NOT get a vote?

Everyone got a vote except the dog (and probably little Pomp).


The trip back took how long?

The return trip was much shorter, with groups splitting up to explore but rejoining each other at the Missouri River.


How much did the total expedition cost?

It cost $38,000. Probably a pretty good deal, all in all.


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