Quiz: Life on the Rock: The Alcatraz Quiz
Life on the Rock: The Alcatraz Quiz
By: Bambi Turner
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The name Alcatraz may be synonymous with the island's infamous prison, but the federal lockup at Alcatraz represented just a small portion of the island's rich history. Think you know all there is to know about the people, events and moments that made The Rock so famous? Take our quiz to find out!

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What birds gave the island its name?
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Alcatraz was home to the first one of these on the west coast of North America.
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What year did the U.S. reserve the island as a military prison?
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What year did the U.S. Department of Justice take over Alcatraz?
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What percent of federal prisoners were typically held at Alcatraz at any given time?
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How many people attempted to escape from Alcatraz?
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How many men spent time at Alcatraz during its 30 years as a federal prison?
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Who occupied the island from 1969 to 1971?
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Today, Alcatraz is an official historic landmark.
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How many cell blocks did the prison have?
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How long was the average stay in Alcatraz?
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What year was infamous gangster Al Capone sent to the island?
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How long did Capone spend at Alcatraz?
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What instrument did Capone play in the prison band?
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Gangster Mickey Cohen died at Alcatraz.
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How long did Machine Gun Kelly spend on the Rock?
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Alcatraz inmate Robert Stroud is better known by this nickname.
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What did former inmate Ray Gardner name his memoir about the prison?
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What did prisoner Henry Young use to kill fellow inmate Rufus McCain in the 1930s?
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What was gangster Alvin Karpis' nickname?
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Whitey Bulgur spent time at Alcatraz.
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Civilians lived on Alcatraz too.
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How many inmates died at Alcatraz?
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How far is the island from the California coast?
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No one has ever swum from Alcatraz to the mainland.
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When was the Escape from Alcatraz triathlon first held?
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How much was the federal government paying per person per day to house an inmate at Alcatraz?
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How many people visit Alcatraz each year?
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What year was the film "Escape from Alcatraz" released?
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How many seasons did J.J. Abrams series "Alcatraz" run on FOX?
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