Quiz: Lightning Quiz
Lightning Quiz
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Electrical bolts from the sky are both beautiful and hazardous. How much do you know about lightning?

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True or False: If you're caught in a thunderstorm, you should take cover under a tall tree, which will help disperse a lightning strike.
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Lightning can cause the air around it to heat up by how many degrees?
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Compared to the surface of the sun, how hot is a bolt of lightning?
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True or False: You can be struck by lightning when there are blue skies overhead.
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A lightning strike is made up of multiple fast flashes. How long does each flash last?
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How long does an entire lightning strike take to complete?
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A typical lightning bolt might have what sort of voltage?
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Within a thundercloud, what causes electrical charges to build?
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How long could you illuminate a 100-watt light bulb using the electricity from a single typical lightning strike?
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What are the odds that you'll be struck by lightning at some point during your life?
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What is the fear of lightning?
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In order to create fulgurites, a type of fused rock formation caused by lightning, the strike must be at least what temperature?
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True or False: Lightning is fairly predictable.
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What do you call the series of negative charges that drop from a thunderstorm toward the ground, eventually causing a lightning strike?
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In the U.S., approximately how many people are struck by lightning each year but live to tell about it?
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Of the lightning generated during a thunderstorm, what percentage strikes the ground?
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How many people in Britain die each year from lightning strikes?
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About how many lightning strikes are there on Earth every second?
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At what speed does lightning strike?
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During his life, how many times was American Roy Sullivan struck by lightning?
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In the course of a year, how many times does lightning strike the ground in the U.S.?
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The bottom of a thunderstorm has which kind of electrical charge?
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Lightning that forms from the TOP of a thunderstorm is called what?
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Compared to negative lightning, what is the strength of positive lightning?
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How many times per year is the Empire State Building struck by lightning?
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How often does lighting strike in Arctic and Antarctic regions?
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