Quiz: The Ultimate Lion Quiz
The Ultimate Lion Quiz
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About This Quiz

Why is the lion known as the king of beasts? How big are they and what do they eat to stay that way? Can you really hear a lion's roar miles away? Take this quiz and learn a lion's share of answers.

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Lions of which continent were once abundant and are now dwindling in numbers?
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What is the average lifespan of a lion in the wild?
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Which other wild cat has a mane, aside from the lion?
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What is the name for the social group that lions live with?
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What factor determines the territory that a pride chooses?
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When do lions usually hunt?
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What did the lion's body symbolize in ancient Egypt?
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Symbolizing courage, the image of the lion is used in heraldry. What country has had this symbol for centuries?
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Which ancient structure has the lion as its inspiration?
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