Quiz: The Ultimate Lion Quiz
The Ultimate Lion Quiz
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Why is the lion known as the king of beasts? How big are they and what do they eat to stay that way? Can you really hear a lion's roar miles away? Take this quiz and learn a lion's share of answers.

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Lions of which continent were once abundant and are now dwindling in numbers?

The lions of Asia were once found in large numbers there, but today only a few hundred survive.

That's where game is most plentiful and, boy, do those lions like game!

The Indian lions are smaller than the African ones and their manes are smaller, too.

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What is the average lifespan of a lion in the wild?

They usually live between 15 and 20 years in the wild, but longer in captivity.

Interestingly, lions and domestic cats both walk on their toes, not on the soles of their feet.

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Which other wild cat has a mane, aside from the lion?

No other wild cat has a mane, only the lion.

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What is the name for the social group that lions live with?

It's called a pride and sometimes as many as 30 lions live in one pride.

They behave similarly to dogs. They urinate on certain trees and bushes to stake out their territory.

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What factor determines the territory that a pride chooses?

A pride will choose its territory based on the availability of prey and water.

Each gender has its role. The males are in charge of defense, while the lionesses are in charge of hunting.

Lions go for zebra and buffalo. They don’t usually prey on gazelles or impala, for they're probably too agile to catch.

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When do lions usually hunt?

Most of their hunting takes place at night. Their keen sense of smell makes up for their reduced visibility at night.

Lions' teeth are simply not designed for chewing. They're better designed for tearing, so lions tear off huge pieces of meat and eat them as they are, neat.

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They are often spotted and sometimes striped. They lose their spots only a year later.

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This is the time that they give them their first taste of meat by leading them to a fresh kill.

Their play is an important part of the acquisition of hunting and defense skills.

Females stay with the pride for life, but males eventually move on or are driven away by younger lions.

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What did the lion's body symbolize in ancient Egypt?

It symbolized power, virtue and wisdom.

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Symbolizing courage, the image of the lion is used in heraldry. What country has had this symbol for centuries?

England has used the symbol of the lion in heraldry since the Middle Ages.

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Which ancient structure has the lion as its inspiration?

It's the Sphinx, a lion-like structure of ancient Egypt.

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