Quiz: The Ultimate Lion Taming Quiz
The Ultimate Lion Taming Quiz
By: Staff
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About This Quiz

Most people prefer to be on the outside of a lion's cage. However, there are those who have made their careers by braving the lion's den and taming lions. If you would like to know more about lion taming, have a go at this quiz.

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How wide can a lion open its mouth?
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Henri Martin shocked a circus audience in 1819 when he entered a cage with what animal?
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Who was the first man to put his head in a lion's mouth?
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How did Isaac Van Amburgh tame his lions?
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What tools did Clyde Beatty use to tame his lions during the mid-1920s?
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Most trained lions are born in:
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What theory is used to train lions today?
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What happened during Siegfried and Roy's Vegas tiger act in 2003?
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