Quiz: Live Long, and Prosper: The Ultimate Star Trek Quiz
Live Long, and Prosper: The Ultimate Star Trek Quiz
By: Staff Writer
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About This Quiz

Space. The final frontier. And even though the original "Star Trek" series aired over 50 years ago, space still remains the final frontier. Maybe that's what makes all the "Star Trek" episodes so relevant and popular even today. But can you remember all the details of your favorite Star Trek episodes, the crew of the Enterprise or those aliens who threatened the safety of others? Time to test yourself. Check out this stellar quiz and enjoy the ride.  

Gene Roddenberry created the hugely popular "Star Trek" concept. He would take moral dilemmas and put them against a space background for an added twist. The drama and conflicts were relate-able, yet otherworldly. The success of the original series spawned countless other space TV series and several "Star Trek" movies. The public's imagination and enchantment with space can only be measured in light years. 

But how about you? Do you remember "The Trouble with Tribbles" episode or the episode when Spock is betrothed? How about Lieutenant Uhura's first name (Nyota)? What was Bones always saying to Jim? If these are easy to answer, you'll love this quiz. It's for you and the Trekkie in all of us. Take the quiz now. The future is waiting. 

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