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If you're tired of entertaining your family at the local shopping mall, consider some other fun hometown activities. Knowing about the activities in your local area can help you plan fun family outings. Take this quiz to see how much you know about the fun travel ideas in your area.

What do you call having all the fun of a vacation without traveling outside your hometown?

A staycation is a vacation in your hometown.


Where are good places to explore nature with your family?

To show your family the wonders of nature, botanical gardens and arboretums are wonderful places.


To teach your children where food comes from, where can you take them?

If your kids think peaches come from cans in the grocery store, visit a farm to teach them where food truly comes from.


To learn about locally grown fruits and vegetables, and maybe save some money, where is a fun family trip?

To purchase locally grown foods, take your family to a farmers' market. Farmers' markets are a great way to meet people in your own town, and the food for sale is often cheaper and fresher that what you'll find in the grocery store.


How can you make running errands into a game for kids?

Plan a scavenger hunt. For each stop you make, give your kids a task to accomplish or an item to find.


How can you take in a sports event without spending a small fortune?

Minor league tickets and concessions at their venues are usually more affordable than major league events.


What is a fun and less expensive alternative to playing golf?

Mini-golf can be a really fun family activity, and a trip to a driving range would be great for a child who wants to play like the pros!


Where can you play Skee-ball?

Skee-ball is an arcade game similar to bowling. Many amusement parks have skee-ball, and your children may love to see who can win the most points.


Where can you find information about local activities?

For fun activities in your hometown, check your local newspaper. Art festivals and music performances may have free admission.


Where is a fun place to take your pet?

A dog park is a great place for your pet to make some furry friends.


What is a creative activity for an artistically inclined family?

Many craft stores have events for children such as painting pottery, sewing, building/assembling small structures, cake decorating and much more. Your kids may create a souvenir they will cherish.


For future chefs, what is a fun way to spend some time?

Check your local newspapers and magazines for individual and group cooking classes, many of which are geared toward children and families.


Your family may never tire of what activity?

Your children's interest in an aquarium or zoo will change as they mature. At every age, children can find something to fascinate them at both these places.


The U.S. has how many National Park System sites?

There are nearly 400 National Park System sites.


Which U.S. city has lots of free places to visit?

Washington, D.C., the capital of the United States, and its surrounding area has many free historical sites and museums.


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