Quiz: Are you a lock-picking expert?
Are you a lock-picking expert?
By: Staff
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If you find yourself locked out of your house, you might be tempted to learn your way around a lock pick. But while the theory is easy, getting a lock to open without a key is a little harder.

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If you want to pick the most common type of lock -- on your own property, of course -- your objective is to:
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The two main tools used in picking a lock are:
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The point at which the pins in a lock line up perfectly, allowing the lock to open is the:
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If you're not patient enough to pick a lock, you can pull a wide-tipped pick out of the lock while turning the tension wrench. This is called:
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Why is it often easier to pick wafer-tumbler locks than pin-tumbler locks?
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Most burglars don’t gain entry to homes by picking locks because:
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