Quiz: The Ultimate Los Angeles Quiz
The Ultimate Los Angeles Quiz
By: Staff
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When you think LA, you might think big, smog-filled city teeming with wannabe actors and actresses. Think again! LA has so much to offer -- beautiful beaches, museums, art galleries, restaurants. Take this quiz and learn more about what Los Angeles has to offer.

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How many public parks are there in the Santa Monica Mountains?
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How long is the LA's western border?
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Which of these beaches is a haven for movie stars?
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Which neighborhood is worth visiting to gawk at the mansions?
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In which neighborhood would you find art galleries?
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How many square miles is LA?
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Which of these exotic flowers is native to LA?
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What is LA's population?
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If you're renting a car, which roads should you avoid due to notorious traffic back ups?
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What is the best way to get around LA?
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What is Hollywood Studios?
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Which hotels is famous for hosting celebrities?
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If you want a glimpse of a fossilized dinosaur, where should you head?
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How many locations does the Museum of Contemporary Art have?
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If you are looking for a reasonably priced spa experience, where should you head?
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