Quiz: Fact or Fiction: Low-impact Exercises for Seniors
Fact or Fiction: Low-impact Exercises for Seniors
By: Staff
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Exercise can be very beneficial at any age, and seniors are no exception. A good low-impact exercise routine improves balance and prevents injury while increasing strength and endurance. Think you're savvy when it comes to your low-impact exercise routine? Work out your know-how with our quiz!

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When you're starting a new workout routine, keep in mind the old motto, "No pain, no gain."
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Walking is one of the best low-impact cardiovascular exercises for seniors.
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Seniors should avoid weight training since it can be too intense for their bones and joints.
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If you didn't exercise during middle age, it's too late to start as a senior.
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Strength training can improve blood pressure.
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Most seniors aren't flexible enough to practice yoga.
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Running is a great low-impact way to improve your cardiovascular and muscle strength.
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You must know how to swim to participate in water aerobics.
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Cycling is a high-impact exercise that's not recommended for seniors.
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Golf can be a great workout for your entire body.
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