Quiz: Magellan: Bring Me The Horizon
Magellan: Bring Me The Horizon
By: Nathan Chandler
Image: Wiki Commons

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In the 1500s, no one in Europe really had any idea how big the world might be, only that the oceans were vast and filled with danger. One daring sailor decided to risk his life for glory and wealth. How much do you know about Magellan?

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Magellan is a famous historical figure known best for doing what?
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Magellan is Madonna famous, so famous that he's often simply known by one name. What was his first name?
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He is still considered one of history's greatest explorers. Where was he born?
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He was born into extreme poverty.
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In the early 1500s, Magellan was sent on ships in service of Portuguese royalty. Which area did he NOT travel during this time?
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The man had a noticeable limp for most of his life. Why?
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In 1519, Magellan set off to find a route to where?
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Where in the world are the Spice Islands?
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Why did Magellan renounce his Portuguese citizenship?
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During Magellan's lifetime, what was the most coveted spice in Europe?
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Magellan took five ships during his expedition to the Spice Islands. How many men joined him?
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What were Magellan's views on slavery?
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What important role did Enrique serve during the expedition?
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Which ocean did Magellan name?
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What were Magellan's thoughts on religion?
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After visiting Patagonia, Magellan and his crew claimed to have found what?
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Of the five ships that left on the expedition, how many returned home?
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The expedition departed in 1519. How long did it take for the single ship to return home?
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During the Spice Islands expedition, the Spanish crew was very obedient to Magellan.
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How did Magellan deal with the mutinous sailors?
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The Strait of Magellan connects the Atlantic Ocean with what body of water?
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After discovering the Pacific Ocean, Magellan figured it would take just a short time to cross the sea. How long did it actually take his men to cross the Pacific?
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Magellan boldly traveled all over the world. How did he die?
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Why did Magellan and his men opt to attack the natives, anyway?
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Magellan told his men that he'd happily lead the attack on the enemy tribe. How did his crew respond to this declaration?
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What happened to Magellan's slave, Enrique, following Magellan's death?
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Magellan was the first sailor ever to circumnavigate the globe.
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Who gets credit for the first circumnavigation of the world?
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After the crew successfully loaded two ships with spices, only one ship made it back to Spain. What happened to the second ship?
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The around-the-world trip was dangerous and difficult. How long was it before another crew successfully rounded the Earth?
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