Which Major Asian City Should You Live In?

Zoe Samuel

What field is most interesting to you?

How liberal-minded are you?

Do you mind being told what to think?

Where do you feel at home?

What Asian language do you speak?

What non-Asian language do you speak?

Can you handle censorship?

Where would you like to vacation?

If there's a nuclear war, what would you do?

Which nation is your enemy?

What do you think of China's "Belt and Road" policy?

How do you like to power your home?

How do you feel about TPP?

What's your idea of a nice night out?

What sport do you like to play?

Be honest: How weird are you?

Would you ever join the military?

If you didn't live in Asia, where would you live?

Would you hang out mostly with expats, or go native?

For how much of the year can you bear unspeakable heat and/or humidity?

What vice can you definitely live without?

Do you intend to become very powerful?

How important is money to you?

Do you like living somewhere culturally very diverse?

How much history do you want to see when you step out of your door?

Skyscrapers: friend or foe?

How easily can you turn a blind eye to rampant inequality?

Would you be comfortable having household staff?

How important is having lots of space?

Do you love the countryside?

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About This Quiz

With a history dating back 5,000 years at least, and in many places more, Asia has long been a home to multiple powerful civilizations. There are two primary misconceptions about it in the West. One is that it wasn't as advanced as the West, even though a lot of inventions and discoveries were made in both locations in parallel, and there were whole centuries where the Mongol or Chinese empires were considerably more advanced than their European, African or Middle Eastern counterparts. Indeed, ever since the Mongols built the Silk Road and Marco Polo headed to the East, it has been very clear that Asia is an equal trading partner.

The other misconception is that Asian history has been broadly stable; that the Chinese empire is a continuous goliath going back millennia and that India was always one big powerhouse. Of course, this is nonsense. There have always been changes afoot, with empires and kingdoms changing their borders, rising and falling, building great armies and going to war. The course of history has never run smoothly. This means Asia's modern cities each have their own great histories to draw on, with cultural differences and all sorts of varying industries and opportunities.

For this quiz, we're talking about Far Eastern cities (we'll come back to South Asia in a future quiz). So it's time to find out where you belong at the far end of the great Silk Road!

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