Quiz: Make a Cracker Barrel Order and We'll Guess Which State You Should Move To
Make a Cracker Barrel Order and We'll Guess Which State You Should Move To
By: Teresa M.
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

Founded in 1969 in the great state of Tennessee, Cracker Barrel steadily grew into one of America's favorite places to eat. With home cooking as good as your Grandma's, it's easy to see why Cracker Barrel makes a great place to go for a date or a quick stop during a road trip. After you put together your own Cracker Barrel order, the state you should move to will be quite clear.

While Cracker Barrel specializes in down-home, southern style cooking, anyone from anywhere in the country can enjoy its fares. From smokey ham to cooked cinnamon apples, there's a dish on the menu for every craving. The food you choose might not tell us where you come from, but it will lead us to the state that would suit you and your lifestyle best. 

Whether your order leans more towards breakfast, lunch, or dinner is entirely up to you. During our Cracker Barrel quiz, you can even mix them up onto one plate! Make sure you load up on your favorite side dishes and don't forget a glass of sweet tea or lemonade. 

Every Cracker Barrel decision you make points us closer to the state you'll call your next home. Where will it be? 

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