Make a Starbucks Order and We'll Guess How Much of a Grinch You Are

Khadija Leon

What kind of drinks do you like most?

Which of these drinks is your go-to drink?

What size coffee do you usually get when you go there?

Do you prefer your coffee hot or cold?

In the space of a month, how often do you visit Starbucks?

How cups of coffee do you need every day?

What are you like without coffee?

How much money do you spend there?

Who usually accompanies you to Starbucks?

What time of day do you visit the store?

How sweet do you like your coffee?

Which of these sweetening agents do you like to use?

Which of these flavors do you enjoy most?

What kind of milk is usually added to your coffee?

Which of these toppings do you need with your drink?

If you wanted tea instead, you would get…

If you were feeling adventurous, which of these drinks would you take?

Which of these food items do you like to order with your coffee?

Where do you like to drink it?

Do you drink your coffee with a straw?

Which of these not-so-healthy options is your cheat meal?

Which of the protein boxes have you had?

Which of these breakfast foods would you get if you didn’t have time to make your own?

Which of these seasonal drinks do you look forward to every year?

Which of these K-cups would you take home with you to try?

What color would your tumbler/mug be?

Are you a rewards member?

How many different Starbucks do you think you have visited?

Do you usually tip your server?

Do any of the baristas know you by name?

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About This Quiz

"How The Grinch Stole Christmas" was initially a book that was written by the talented Theodor Geisel, better known as Dr. Seuss, back in 1957. It was renewed almost 20 years ago and got enough attention to be turned into an animated film in 1996. A short four years later, the live action version was released and people finally knew who and what the Grinch was. After Jim Carrey brought this character to life, nearly 18 years later, a computer-animated version has been released and we're feeling a bit Grinch-y today. But just how much of a Grinch are you? We want to find out today.

We're going to ask you certain questions about Christmas and Starbucks and how you feel about them. They'll include how you feel about the decorations, food, the cheer and the feeling that's in the air. By the time you're finished, we'll know if you're enough of a Grinch to replace the man himself or if you're quite the opposite. 

So, if you want to find out how you truly feel about the holidays and just how Grinch-y you truly are, go ahead and get started on this quiz. 

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