Make a Taco Bell Order and We'll Tell You Where in the World You Should Move!

Teresa M.

Which vegetarian item sounds best right now?

How many Cheesy Rollups would you have in your order?

Would you order a Spicy Tostada?

Which breakfast food would you start your order off with?

How many Cinnabon Delights would you order?

Would you order any hash browns?

Which ingredient in the Mini Skillet Bowl do you like most?

What would you add on to a regular taco?

Which Party Pack would you take to the office?

Which Power Menu item would go on your tray?

Which kind of Freeze would you like most?

What kind of Mountain Dew would you order to wash down your meal?

Would you rather have G2 Gatorade Fruit Punch or Tropicana Pink Lemonade?

Which side would you double up on?

How many Carmel Apple Empanadas would you order?

Which Dollar Cravings Menu item do you prefer?

What kind of Nachos would you start your meal with?

Which kind of Quesadilla do you usually order?

What kind of hard shell do you like on your tacos?

Do you like the Double Decker Taco or the Locos Tacos Supreme more?

Which kind of burrito might you want three of?

Have you tried the Naked Chicken Chalupa?

What kind of sauce would you put on top of a Fiesta Taco Salad?

Which part of a Chalupa Cravings Box would you want more than one of?

Which burrito topping could you live without?

What kind of soda would you order?

How much do you love Quesaritos?

Would you order Black Beans and Rice or Pintos and Cheese?

Which topping would you ask to have doubled?

Would you add an orange juice or a coffee to your order?

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About This Quiz

Lettuce take you to your new home where queso flows like champagne from a fountain! The things you choose for your Taco Bell order will give a lot away about your personality and your lifestyle. In fact, your massive order will tell us where in the world you should call your next home. 

It's often been said that only the adventurous order from Taco Bell, but how adventurous are you? The way you order your chalupa and load up on sauces will show you whether your new home is south of the border or closer to Santa Claus. If you've always wondered where you should live, finding out could not be easier: choose your Taco Bell food, and place it on your tray. We will handle the geography for you! 

Smother your order in your favorite sauces and a little guacamole, too. Your taste in Taco Bell dishes will act as a map of flavor. We'll read your map like a guide to the things you need and want in a location. Then, we'll tell you where you need to get your next visa. 

If you're ready to pack up and leave it all behind, stop by our Taco Bell quiz! 

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